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  1. sorry if I spelled state wrong... But I would highly recamend ALL you growers/dealers/buyers and such to read your laws at: NORML.org top right cornor you select state, I was searching for IL cause I live there then FL since I will live there, and Cali cause I might live there and all...BUT my friend that on this site that lives in oregon, I checked for him, HE TOSSED HIS FEMALES and everything in a grinder or some shit, he went off crying and disposing of his sweetys :(

    OREGON, shit i'd move if I lived there here law if your growing:

    Any amount \ felony \ 10 years \ $200,000 fine
    To a minor at least 3 years younger than seller, or within 1,000 feet of a school \ felony \ 20 years \ $300,000 fine

    damn that sucks for you guys, IL pretty nice place, cali is too :p
  2. You must have gotten something wrong.

    I have a pamphlet from the portland NORML branch for Oregon.

    Any amount under an ounce is only a misdomeaner worth a small fine.(Ive been caught with a half ounce of bud and only given a 500 dollar ticket and my bag taken away.)

    under five plants = max of 1 year, $10,000 fine
    over 5 plants = minimum 1 year $50,000 fine

    Oregon has very lenient laws againts marijuana, and is one of the few states with medical marijuana....so I dont know how norml came up with those figures...on top of all that, its THE most beautiful state in the nation
  3. Just got that off the top right, that what they said, so I dont know :-/ But he tossed em all cause of it, lol :(
  4. he should have hooked up with me, I would have taken them off his hands for him...if anything he should have smoked it all in one last "going away party"
  5. He hasnt been on at all today, maybe he commited suicide over it, hehe
  6. how far along were they?..I could understand getting rid of them if they were just lil tikes..but if they were big fems ready to bud....thats just wrong
  7. they were a 6 weeks. He paniced when he saw that and that he was ordering lots of new seeds from new sites and such so he didnt wanna risk that much. Probably realized penelty is too much for him so he went crazy and trashed them fast, lol. I asked if I could drive up and get them but he said he disposed of them. Think he said he put down like the sink grinder thing or some grinder. Then he said he leaving to cry, that was last night, havent seen him since, usually on at the time.

    But he probably just crying some more, lol...

    When did you get your info? The site I'd guess would be updated if it's changed so I don't know....
  8. The info regarding penalties/states is only updated on the NORML site,,when the states update their database. Always check the states site in question for updated info..

    nubbin has it right,,,,oregon is one of the best states for cannabis laws....and I have friends there who stay for that very reason........

  9. well, I love norml, its a great organization, but It just didn't sound right. My pamphlet is from 2001 (september), so Im not quite sure if mine's even up to date. It's probably not a bad Idea to call them and ask for a newer one if they have new guidelines that we're passed.

    Yeah, I would have gone up to the guys house and even bought them from him for a decent price if he wanted. But talk about acting on impulse!..sheesh
  10. they were white widow's or orange bud or nothern lights one of those and then I think he was buying the other two seeds, already sent money for them. Lol if the laws there are nice then damn I feel a little sorry for the guy
  11. Yeah I got caught with about an ounce and 3 E pills and I only got a 150.00 fine from the BLM
  12. lol nice, how old are/were you? And they did take the drugs, right?!
  13. blm?....Im stoned...should I know what that is?
  14. 22, Yes they took drugs but he said, "I have to take these but I am sure there are more out here.. Have a good night".. Pretty bad ass.. But he did take my bad ass piece. Shit happens.. Could have been worse
  15. hey rizzo...whats this BLM? some sort of police type official im guessing?
  16. yea I have been trying to figure that out for a while but can't come up with anything that makes since for drugs.... That and steering at Nubs avitar trying to make it blink I SWEAR TO GOD IT DID once :(
  17. Bureau of Land Management, they govern federal properties that the national park service doesn't have. They catch and/or shoot wild horses and burro. Lease out federal land to miners, loggers, ranchers. BLM is one of the largest land owners in the state of Nevada.

    Now, why do I know trivia shit like this?
  18. HAH!...ok so you're trying to say that rizzo was cought by a crazy park ranger type guy?...nuts....ok now Im positive the guy took his stash and went to go smoke it.

  19. Everybody's got to do their part in the war on drugs. park rangers, meter maids, mall cops, crazy old homeles guys who wash your window, etc........
  20. dont forget the crack whores bpp....the crack whores pull it all together

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