if u know alot about benzos

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  1. im gonna be taking 2 possibly 3 of these with some bud tomorow

    M C 14 Green And Round - Pill Identification Wizard | Drugs.com is the exact pill

    so im just looking for general tips and what to expect? how crazy should the high be? (ive got good bud to top it off)

    how long do they take to kick in?

    and how long do they last? (if taken on a pretty empty stomach)

    thanks to all gc! feel free to pm me about anything.
  2. overrated imo
  3. you'll just be really relaxed.
  4. its xanax isn't it? i just took 1.5mg, snorted half took one, usually gets me alright, and i don't really have a tolerance.

    EDIT: yeah, bud will make anything better.
  5. well for me when i mix benzos and weed i pass out. but its diff for everyone
  6. lol didnt really answer any of my questions.. but thanks i guess.

    anything recommended to do on these? (mite be chillin with a friend but not for the whole time, shit to do when im by myself)
  7. they take about 30 mins to kick in. they last maybe a couple hours. its not a crazy high at all (unless u drink on them, which i don't recommend) you'll just be mellow, not fucked up like "im so high man!"
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    They last a long time and take a long time to come up. When I have 1mg clonazepam I take one at about 10 which puts me to sleep by 12 or 1 and then most of the next day I'm just relaxed and at peace with the world.

    And don't pop more than one every hour or so or before you even feel a couple of those you'll wake up the next day wondering what happened and how you got to sleeping where you are
  9. i'd like one of those right now
  10. shit I'd need 6 to be sufficiently high enough, 2mg just doesn't cut it

    However: I'm the type of person who wants to get sooper high

    but you be chill with 3mg
    Just don't lose anything, carry only the things you need with you... strap your keys around your neck with a chain, have a cell phone clip... and FFS make sure it's your car before trying to get in it

  11. lol, the dude who sold me them said he takes 3-4 usually when he wants to get plastered. he told me if i wanted i could take 3, but be carefull, and he told me DO NOT take 4 cuz id pass out (because i have ZERO tolerence to benzos, lucky me :p )
    anyways thinks for the tips gc! best vibes to all!!
  12. Do not snort them, that is a waste of a pill. Eating/sub lingual is the most effective way to administer benzos.

  13. Nice, thanks man. didnt plan on snorting them anyways, the dude told me they dont rly last as long when snorted, and im just not a fan of snorting anything anyways. The whole idea of it just seems stupid and ive never gotten high snorting anything lol.
  14. Yeah don't snort them like others mentioned. If you're into it drink a beer or two, play some madden, or hit the bars. Fuck xanax for me though, I do crazy things
  15. IF you do plan on drinking on them, and it being your first time, don't plan on remembering much of what you did that night.
  16. just got back from sesion with my frind took the pills a while ago, ended up poppin 3, this shits crazy lol ima go smoke a jack. thanks foe the tips g cx
  17. wikipedia will tell you all you need to know

    these are a pretty tame benzo. if it was me i would eat em all and smoke as much bud s i could haha. maybe a beer or 2 tops.

  18. I feel ya man, took 4mg about 11 last night hoping it was enough to get me to bed since I needed to be up early and couldn't sleep. Ended up not falling to sleep till 3 with no buzz what so ever. Damn tolerance, I dont even take em as often as I used to.
  19. How much xanax should I do if ive never done it b4? I have the 2mg pills

  20. dont ask for dosage advice here

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