if u had to choose

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by margaman, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. i was asked the other day:
    if you had to choose, which would you give up? drugs? or sex??
    i cant come to a decision!!:confused:
  2. I'd give up drugs, definitely.
  3. i dunno, blunts and blowjobs ftw.:smoking:
  4. hmmmmmmmmm........


    i always gots my drugs and my jack rabbit to fuck me :D
  5. I would give up sex. I mean shit you can get STD's or you can have kids with a sex. 2 things I do not really want. Drugs are always there. Only thing they can damage is your health.
  6. if i could have sex as much as i smoked weed, then i'd give up the weed for sex; Thats almost 5 times daily.
  7. I'd give up drugs.
  8. dont know how many i bun down a day but id b all shagged out.
  9. pretty much what I was going to say as well. :smoking:
  10. they go hand in hand...what an evil question lol
    i would have to give up drugs
  11. drugs, no question asked.
  12. Im assuming I'd have some killer withdrawal sympotms if I gave up sex.
  13. Well damn...

    Drugs as in.. all drugs? No more coffee??

    No more alcohol :(

    No more vagina???

    Fuck it... i choose giving up on drugs. It's gonna suck when I get sick.
  14. I'd give up drugs, fersure.

    I mean, seriously...what's life without sex?
  15. I'd give up sex...Shit I can go buy a fleshlight for like 30 bux, I hear they're like the real thing. I don't know how long I'd make it before I lost my mind without the pot

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