If u had 24hrs to live...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 420 Shade, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. What will u DO?.....
  2. ...Smoke myself retarded, while having sex, INFRONT of the police station.

  3. id probably tell my dad everything i really thought about him and kenw about him and then have fun and get baked the rest of the day with my good friends
  4. i will spent time with the people i love the whole day, and the last hour i will kick with these one female, and get high as fuck with her, and sit at the beach while watching the sunset, and at the last min, i did give her a last kiss, and the last 10 seconds, i look into her eyes, and tell her i love her....
  5. I would probably go to amsterdam and set all my inhibitions free.Fuck it I should do it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Buy an ounce of dank and smoke all day, off and on. And
    just spend most of my time with my family.
  7. fly around and meet as many of the cities inhabbitants as possible... after buying thousands of quids worth of weed to share :D

    then i would be cured :D aaaahhhhh medicinal properties, heehehehehe :)
  8. Take numerous hits of acid, hop in the car, drive around backroads in the middle of the night with all the lights off listening to "Bike" by Pink Floyd on repeat until the 24 hours was up or the more likely I crashed the car into something.

    Note: This thread in no way endorses driving cars under the influence of LSD. ;)
  9. id find the biggest guy i could.... kick him in the nuts and run

    find the hottest chick i can.... grab her boobies

    find the biggest dealer i know... steal his weed

    and then countless other bastardly and dubious things that only a person with nothing to lose would attempt!

    then with 5 seconds left, id jump off the observation deck of the highest building i could find. hopefully id land on something cool.
  10. basejump off the Troll Wall in norway
    skydive/skysurf over the adriatic sea
    get a chai latte with the one I love, catch the sunset with her, holding each other naked together in the warm waters of the south pacific
    have some frozen blender drinks :D
    oh and fix the federal budget!

    i can do all that in 24. :)
  11. i'd raid the nearest bodega armed with a bat and run off with as much weed as i can then hand out free grams to people i think are stoners and roll a fat blunt...

    actually i didn't put much thought into this.. ahhaa.. i'd go to mexico
  12. I'd go out and do whatever the hell I wanted and not worry about it. I'd make NO plans whatsoever. My instincts would rule all. I wanted something I'd grab it. I wanted to say something I'd say it. I wanted to do something and I'd do it (or at least try).

  13. sounds good to me, too....

    ...you sappy bastard :smoke:

  14. Eh, etch my old idea. I'd probably just watch that instead. :D

  15. lol.. that what i was thinking when i read that aswell...lol..
  16. Rob a bank and use the money for pot, acid, heorin, crack, meth. , all types of drugs and die from drug overdose rather then from the 24 hours.. :p

  17. you guys can watch :) it would probably enhance my last 24hrs..bringin out that exhibitionist side ;) hehe
  18. lol.. i call front sit.....:D.......

  19. I've been trying to come up with an answer for this one for days. Good thing I don't have just 24 hours to live...I'd die indecisive.
  20. i been thinking about these for a while when i heard these song by Maze.. got me thinking about it.. took me like 3 weeks to actually find out what would i do, and finaly dicide to made the thread..lol... but really the last word i said with the female, is what i would really want to do...

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