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  1. if u had read my posts in seasoned smokers u would no about my mates karly mist and blueberry (double moon shine) .......this is my budz from the crop,got a big bad today all free of charge,as that what it was grown for personal use... 10 oz of karly mist lol personal...love it !!! see the resin on that joint in the ash tray..u know we be getting high tonight :) Merry Christmas!

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  2. Sorry wrong picture :) this is what i ment to show u/

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  3. haha I have same desktop. Nice grow I would love to have a sample taste of that.
  4. Damn what's up with all these people gettin free herb?? i want to be in on it lol. Anyways, have fun with that bud. I know i would.
  5. Best thing that ever happined to me is getin a pound of some Panama Red for 750. A friend of mine grew it and gave me a hell of a hook up.

    Nice lookin herb by the way.
  6. we bin friends like must be 15 years bin through alot together, u can know alot of people but for one of them to be a true friend is priceless,i got him into weed in the first place i remeber smoking some sensi(budz and seeds)(didnt smoke the seeds though just thought id add that!) he used to have a company car free fule etc we parked down some woods and like rolled a joint we had half of it and my m8 started to feel not to good he was out side the car leaning on this fence off his trolley lol :) it killed my high a bit as i was like what the fuck how he gonna drive? and if the police had come well dont bear thinging about,after ahour or so i was like look lets get the fuck outtah here he was still not in a good state,dont get me wrong i was in my late teens so i was high as fuck to but panicy as well,he gets in the car iam like we got to go he said i cant drive ,id never drove a car at that time so i told him u gottah! no joke we drove down these contry roads like 10 mph what a nightmere,dont no how he did it but we got to civerlisation we made it to the car park of the ice rink lol he was still NASA so i gave him some food and drink to sober him up,not long after he was feeling better and had the giggle fits which was good as that made me feel better but i think we were laughing at 2 diffrent issuses :) so all is well till the police come,must of bin about 12.45 am and i no the ice rink closes at the latest 11.30 as i used to dj there,
    the 2 bastards get out and come to both of our windows with the flash lights,iam just thinking about the half smoked joint and the bag of weed under the floor matt and my m8 and hoping he dont start laughing as we were at that stage u know lol :) (to be young again).....so...the police ask what we are doing here and the other copper was going round the out side of the car with his flash light,the thing was we had been there quite a while and chucked out our food wrappers and bottles and shit,so i told the copper we had bin ice skating and just chating and having something to eat,and the thick cunts beleived it lol they didnt even say about the rubbish that was on the floor round us lol could have been a lot worse if the pull us hour or so eairlyer....good days good friend we still get into some funny shit,ill tell u about the acid and the cows that got out some time.

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