if u can't beat it delete it!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KoC sTONER, Mar 27, 2004.

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  1. u know who i\'m laughing at lol
  2. I would like to know!!!

  3. Again l have moved your thread to the right forum .
    You refuse pm,s and emails form the mods and refuse to listen to advise .

    l think its time for you to move on my friend.Take this as a warning
  4. lets not start with lying... *sigh* i got no pm\'s and no emails...
    listen the whole lot of u have decided to jump on the \"beat on old koc\" band wagon... while the entire time missing the whole point of me even bothering to post all the info. in the first place. i wonder how many of you actually read the first thread before you made your replies? if so, i don\'t think half of you would have bothered making the comments you did. for those of you that actaully read the first thread...
    did you learn something you didn\'t know before? did you read how i tried to wade through the bs and stick to what was relevant, to what was logical?

    the info. i found was very cool and relevant and probably of interest to many

    i went from knowing almost nothing about those mites to reading an awfull lot, and ending up with some solid knowlege on several species

    i made a thread and tried to share that experience with like minded people. if you morons had read it you would have seen clearly stated that i DID NOT know anything about those mites when i started. the whole \"know it all thingy\" you guys keep throwing at me makes no sense whatsoever.

    i tried to keep the thread logical, relevant and factual to help others.. not steer them in the wrong direction with subjective opinions

    i got people calling me numb nuts

    i got idiots laughing at me or simply just saying things that were not relevant or constructive

    i have made other posts here and never had a problem, got helped, and helped others. thought it was a cool place until now

    yes i agree, it\'s time for me to move on... as i have heard no advice worth taking

    got some advice for you though...

    1) get off your high horse(s)
    2) just cause you think you know it all doesn\'t mean you do
    3) never stop learning
    4) give absolute advice only on things you are pretty sure of, otherwise it is bs
    5)grow up and remember what it was like to learn
  5. first and only . Anyone care to see if they can pm this guy.

    You call me a liar,maybe you don,t understand that l can check your setting.You have your pm,s and email switched to no ,so no one can send you messages.

    Last warning to stop your little games before you are banned .

    p.s. This is our home my friend why not try a few manners .
  6. I thought the post was helpfull.. You did alot of investigating and that was a good thing..

    No matter how much good you do, you still have to follow the rules of the board... you don\'t have to listen to others, just post the truth and let the ones who don\'t know learn..

    It\'s not about one persons opinion.. It\'s about sharing information and helping those who want it and letting all the others think what they want..

    no one called you a liar.. But you started telling others off right and left!

    No good comes from downing others!
  7. i play no games... have no time... if i don\'t have the pm message or email thing on then obviously you guys would know that and not bother trying to use it. I have email notification on, that\'s all i know.

    nobody called me a liar bud head nor did i imply that they did. i said they were lying... but that was a missunderstanding
    none of them bothered to post that they tried to pm me and couldn\'t because it was \"off\"

    totally agree with most of what you said bud head except that i didn\'t tell any1 off, and if you read the first thread you would have seen that the vulgarity didn\'t start with me. also, when people laugh at my suggestions, as in the first thread, they \"downed\" me first as you put it, and turn around is then fair play.

    critter...ban me if you want... i don\'t care... i broke no rule that one of your moderator\'s didn\'t break first.
  8. Again l ask you to pay attention to your actions and not others .Thats our job :D.
  9. Closed by yours truly.

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