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  1. What if time was never meant to be measured, but rather, experienced?
  2. i think about that all the time but with the ammount of people we have i feel like we have to..thats why i also sometimes wish i was a native american before they got pushed around n everything. That way you could see this country before we starting destroying a lot of nature
  3. I think it has to do with the way we WANT to live. The "American Dream" and shit. We just flip the pages of the calendar until it's our time to perish.

    But, it could teach us a lot about the universe. If we understood time a little bit better (like, if there really was a "change of time" or something)
  4. Time is experienced and measured. It's obviously meant for both if it's happening
  5. Just because it did, doesn't mean it was meant to. Serendipity type shit... like potato chips.

    Like, consciousness experiencing itself through time, but measuring its own "time" experiencing thus giving it more control.


    Idk, sorry for looking stupid in front of my lord :(

  6. No disrespect man, I just look at time as inevitable. Anything that happens is meant to happen.:)
  7. [quote name='"meddlehaze"']

    No disrespect man, I just look at time as inevitable. Anything that happens is meant to happen.:)[/quote]

    or the meaning of it happening is supposed to happen, but the blocks can fall into place differently.. creating the same results, in a different fasion. like a giant math problem
  8. personally ......im not always....or at least dont often seam to be attached to time in the way others around me seam to be......

    sometimes i seam to experience it just the way those round me seam to.....
    but those times are infrequent....
  9. Why not both? Measuring time is a useful tool, and tools are one thing that separates us the rest of the animal kingdom.
  10. I think measuring time is good and essential, but we have to be smart about how we measure it.

    Usually we measure time by looking at our watch or a clock. Or these days, a mobile phone.

    Which is all good, but I think we should measure time by other means as well.

    Not just by using technological gadgets, but we should try to use more natural ways, such as looking at the sun, or looking at the color of the leaves...

    Or observing the sensation on our stomach...

    Something like that.
  11. Sometimes I get sad because I feel like I'm unconsciously and unintentionally wasting moments of my life waiting for other circumstances.

    A paycheck makes that almost inescapable :(
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    It's amazing to think how a little thing on our wrist mimics the gigantic orbit of this rock we're on. Like humans watched stars a long time ago (along with noticing seasons/cycles/patterns), and look what that evolved into. Amini solar system in sync with our planet, but with numbers to create meaning; all on our wrist or in our pockets (cell phones).

    Maybe I'm just high? :smoke:
  13. Dropping my spare change..

    Wasn't it masturbation that is established to be the catalyst for the future?

    Everyday the life of a potential Einstein, Plato's , Al-Khwarizmi is needlessly wasted on the surface of keyboard. Other side of that you could say It might have been Stalin or someone else equivalently evil..who knows!

    What do you wonder if comparing your intangible thoughts to any other being on earth? None have reasoning even if they have more capacity. Nothing is similar in this respect so I'm wondering what you guys think are we really more than our bodies? If this is derailing the thread just ignore but it was thought provoking question that stemmed from the subject of time.

  14. I couldn't quite grasp the bolded part. Sorry :\

    But, to answer the latter question, are we more then our bodies?

    My short and sweet answer is... we are... everything.

    I mean, look at the complexity of human body. Throw on an amazing rapid fire nervous system and a killer desire for feeling emotions and attempting to express them...

    Are we more then our bodies?

    Obviously, physically we are our bodies. That is what we recognize with ourself. We don't see a tree and think "Gee wizzz that tree.. is me!" unless into a deep thought. Ultimately, if everything on this planet is from the planet, we are ultimately classified as everything.. seeing as we came from the same place.

    But it depends on how broad the spectrum is.

    Some people talk about astral travel and OBE's. I try to meditate when I can, but I've never achieved anything like that. The only weird thing i've come across, was when I was focusing on a single point. I notice that I can adjust the focus to be either a piece of the object, or the entire object, or the object and everything within a small distance of it. After sitting there and feeling my eyes almost... roll around... I notice my entire body is, just... glowing. Not like a bright glow, but it had this bright kind of light tint to it. I was full of bliss and got up from the meditation. I dont know what it was, but it opened my mind up to a bunch of new ideas.


    I like the question man.

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