If They Made a Movie About You're Life

Discussion in 'General' started by thejesus, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Who would play you're part? Which actor/famous person?

    I'd say Rachel Ray (I hate her) for me, what do you think?

    Her jowls are bigger.

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  2. yea i agree
    i dont like rachel ray

    fuck dat, i dont want a movie about my life
  3. probally michael cera from superbad and juno
  4. Me. Fuck that.

    No one else can imitate how I do drugs.

    Only I can do it.
  5. King Gordy.




    A real loc'ed out Detroit fool.

    Not huge on the gang bangin tip, On the im in the city clamin van dyke and harper (his block) and ima kinda psyhcopath which is jus Detroit through and through. We kinda crazy,

    And he does him, He dosent follow shit.

    Doin crazy psychopathin/hard rock/crazy rap shit and its all real talk, Real depression shit to other real shit.
  6. um, youre far better looking than rachel ray. plus shes annoying, and i hope youre not. she makes a mean marsala sauce though.

    well hoping theyd use correct grammar when they made a movie about YOUR life, well i really dont know. johnny depp 15 years ago for me.
  7. He's actually really hot. I like pasty white nerdy boys, there sexy as hell.
  8. a movie about my life would fail at the boxoffice....:p
  9. the wolverine guy

    wow that would be a great movie too
  10. The Lion from Wizard of Oz.

  11. hes a pussy.
  12. So if this guy (me) was to be played by anyone,


    Then this guy would play me:


    Wait...shit, he's dead. Then this guy:


    FUCK. He's dead too.

    Fuck it, I'm dead in the script.
  13. ^ what about kevin smith? he doesnt talk much in his films. i might like that for your movie. hahaha..... oh boy.
  14. He'd have to talk ALOT for that film.

    I can't stfu.

  15. this is situation i was trying to overcome. ofcourse im kidding. hes got a smoking hot wife. well not really, but shes a solid 6. maybe theres hope for you.

    okay, im just being retarded. im going to sleep.
  16. He's a fucking lion that talks. He gets the role.
  17. Edward Norton would play me... Not saying we look alike, I am simply cool like that. :p
  18. This kid...


    Actually, if you've seen Almost Famous, replace rock and roll with paintball and set it 30 years later. Same fucking movie man.
  19. Although this is also an option..... haha

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