If they legalize it... (will price go down)

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  1. (this is referring to Colorado, treat weed like alcohol)

    Do you guys think that the price of it will go down because there will be an increase of supply? I mean people would be able to grow it in their house too, so I cant see prices going back up.
  2. Yea it would be pretty cheap a box of joints bein sold in the same manner as cigarettes would probably be at least 5 bucks a pack after legalization is set
  3. what do you think of prices per weight though, like how much for 1/8th , 1/4th, 1/2, 1 etc...? How much will it change basically?
  4. With medical the prices will stay the same and with full out legalization we will have weed coming in from all over the world and since it will all be some dank shit then Mexico will have to start producing quality over quantity to make any money so half ozs might be around 10 dollars of sum dank nugs

  5. I doubt it, for 20 J's you'd assume about .5 at least in each one, that would be ten grams. Assuming people are going to demand quality i feel as if 10 grams of dank tree once legalized would be close to $25 at least.

    thats just my opinion though

  6. Yeah I guess i never even thought of that... Colorado might have venders from all over the world and country. There could be an issue of the people surrounding Colorado boarders so that they can buy it legally (in colorado), and turn around to sell it Illegally in their own state.
  7. I like this thread . I would imagine though that if full legalization of marijuana were to happen , it would be sold in bags of pre-rolls (not cig carton style) and or green prescription bottles . The gas venders prolly would have an open scale .
  8. You realize there not gonna put .5g in each joint.... Way more. Go look at how much they put in cigarettes

  9. If full legalization were to occur people would be able to get weed any way they pleased, the market would be BOOMING with competition. So many reclusive people who are secret weed fanatics would come out of their shell and weed would be plentiful.

    Still don't know about the super low prices though, weed isn't nearly as easy to grow as tobacco. That is again if we're talking about Top Shelf quality buds.
  10. With full legalization would come the ability to grow without fear. Since it is easy to grow when you don't have to worry about getting caught, commercial growers would have to keep their prices down to compete.

    However, I'm sure $25 for a half ounce of dank would keep many people doing that for convenience rather than growing, and at $50 an ounce, large commercial growers would still be wildly profitable. When you consider farmers around here grow crops that sell for a few dollars a bushel, legal cannabis would be a boon to both farmer and consumer alike.
  11. The market will be FLOODED. Its simply supply and demand...of course the price will go down.
  12. 25 $ for have an O sounds pretty awesome. I could see this also affecting the price of alcohol to go down. Possibly cigarettes too
  13. Im hoping for

    Quarter OZ- $50
  14. haha dude what you wish for is in oregon, we got
    Eigth 35-
    quarter 55-
    ounce- 150-
  15. I agree. In fact, we saw something similar this year in CA, where I heard a lot of the growers saying the most they could get was around $1000/lb (that's if they could find a buyer) and they were having a hard time making ends meet.
  16. This thread just gave me so much hope! :D
  17. If corporations take over the industry the prices will go down quite a bit. But once you include taxes the price will still be around the same as today.
  18. Thats exactly same prices here in washington.Unless u go to dispensiries then your looking at double that lol..go figure..
  19. Damn you guys have it good. In colorado its 25 for 1/16, 50 for 1/8, 80 for 1/4, 130 for 1/2 , 200 for an ounce
  20. In miami we got

    Gram - $15

    Dubs (1.2 Grams) $20

    1/16 25
    1/8 50

    Quarter - $65-$100 (ALL depends on quality)
    Half - 150
    Oz 250

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