If they legalize it do you think thell change the recipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by roleonesmokeone, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Do you think if they leaglize it that thell add other things to it, to say get you addicted? Or chemicals or other stuff like they did to cigarettes?
  2. I'd think tabacco companies would lobby heavily to have the cannabis taxed heavily and then make and sell spliffs which would be lower priced than regular joints, thereby trying to get people hooked on the nicotine.
  3. I doubt it honestly. Weed is a lot different than tobacco. Maybe if you're buying pre-rolled joints they might do that, but there will always be an organic section or brand, just like with cigarettes. We as the consumer will dictate which is more abundant.

    But honestly, if youre buying in nug form, what are they going to add? Even if its heavy fertilizers or pesticides youre worried about, I can almost guarantee there being an organic section.
  4. This question comes up a lot and i guess my thought is who cares? If people are going to sit around and worry about shit like that, then it will never be legalized.
  5. My personal thoughts on this are:
    1-No it's not likely to be a problem.
    2-If it is you could still grow your own or buy special organic product.
    3-Let's not waste time and effort worrying about this now. Get it legal and THEN worry about it.
  6. my friends and i talk about this all the time, they dont want it legalized because they say it will end up like tabacco, but i always say if it did i would grow my own :smoke:
  7. im growing my own right now :D
  8. I doubt that if it becomes legal they would allow you to grow. I-502, the legalization initiative on Washington states ballot this coming November, states that it will still be illegal to grow your own for recreational use.
  9. ...organic:smoke:
  10. nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco its not added later. but like tobacco you would most likely need some kind of permit if you want to grow yourself

  11. We know. Rocket fuel and rat poison do not occur naturally in the tobacco plant.

  12. I'm not a tobacco smoker but is it possible to vape tobacco if so is it still as harmful?
  13. ^It would be better than smoking but nicotine itself is pretty bad for you.

    You don't need a permit to grow tobacco in any state as far as I know.

    You need a permit to sell the tobacco.

  14. Pretty sure you can, a lot of smokers that want to quit or can't quit but want to have better health are using those E-cigs which I think is vaporized tobacco from what I understand. I know for somebody addicted tobacco is like candy for them but that's pretty nasty if you ask me though to be vaping tobacco, still hands down better than smoking cigs though.

    Ew just talking about this and seeing that picture up there pointing out what cigs contain makes me glad I never smoked them.

  15. I vape tobacco all the time. Huge, immediate headrush. If you have a vaporizer then give it a try.

    Most cigarettes and tobacco do have alot of gross additives. American Spirit does not.
  16. i dont think they would, i dont know anyone who smokes weed who would want things like arsenic and other poisons in their weed and would specifically buy weed that doesn't have that, now compare that to tobacco smokers in which the majority of them dont know and/or are so addicted they dont care, also weed by itself is already highly enjoyable, cigarettes on the other hand, tons of people wish they could quit but they cant, due to the additives, which is why tobacco companies put those additives in, if you're not worried about people ditching your product, you have no reason to add things to make them stay
  17. really... i cant say i know much about the bill... but in colorado im pretty sure we can grow our own right now for the hemp... but i dont really know

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