If they legalize do you think they will...

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  1. Add chemicals to marijuana like they do to tobacco?

    And another question, do you think potency will increase, decrease or stay the same (increase at the same rate)?
  2. I think if they legalize weed and people buy iot rather than growing it, unless they physically can not grow it, are wasting mad mad amounts of money.

    And, i dont think the govt. would be in control of all the weed, they dont control alcohol in that type of sense, and i think weed would be along the same lines.... growers would open stores, just like liquor stores, and sell their shit and other traded/imported shit. But i highly doubt anyone with 2 cents for a brain would buy government weed, they dont know shit about it so what would be the point lol. Id buy from a local person if it was twice as expensive over the govt bud if those were my only options...... but, people seem to forget, if its legal, you can just grow it, like you can make alcohol (well, within reason) and you can grow tobacco....... it would be along the same lines
  3. Quote me on this, they will never legalize. They can't regulate it so they cannot make good profit.

    Only way it will be legalized is if some huge stoner becomes pres.

  4. No profit, the state of CO made 52 million in taxes from cannabis alone, last year. And thats JUST from the legal buyers, there are WAY WAY more illegal buyers adding nothing to it. All they have to do to ensure maximum taxes is require home growers to buy a cert they need to pay a tax amount on each year based on some %age of income or another rate-able number in our lives, also based on the size of the grow, as some would obviously grow for personal use, some for personal and selling to shops, some solely for "commercial" use, meaning they obviously produce vast quantities more than they could ever consume, and are allowed to hire staff for it. Its not hard to regulate shit at all if you know how to do it correctly.....

  5. Who's they?

    Think about it... Would you buy heavily processed weed with chemicals in it? Would anyone?

  6. Yes, same reason people will smoke shittier cigs over things like American Spirits: indoctrination through advertising, convenience, and honest preference. I don't see chemical additions happening if it were legal but if they did there would be a market.
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    People buy tobbacco with chemicals in it, i dont see why they wouldnt buy weed with chemicals in it. I would probably buy it because of ease of access, i would prefer to smoke my homegrown but while im waiting for that to dry/cure, or finish flowering i could just go to the gas station and pick up some bud (wether or not it has chemicals added) .

    Edit: by they i guess i mean weed companys that would (most likely) arise.

    Edit #2: sorry for the shitty spelling/grammar. Im tired as hell

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