If these trics could talk...

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  1. Posting this here because this seems to be where the willingness of help resides. Just wondering what other folks are seeing with these trics. These are various shots from various areas and a shot of the whole plant. Sorry for the focus, it's difficult for me to look through and use loupes. If they could talk, what are they saying? 20190718_093456.jpg 20190718_093606.jpg 20190718_093515.jpg 20190718_093704.jpg 20190718_093547.jpg 20190718_093418.jpg

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  2. They are saying we're ready when you are. They look pretty well all cloudy its just a matter of personal preference now, do you want some amber?? I personally don't worry about amber I go for all cloudy and I get some amber on the way.
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  3. I really don't care too much for couchlock, but I feel like if I see more amber then I would feel more comfortable assuming they are ready.
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  4. Then they are saying what you were hoping they were saying;
    "We're ready"!
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  5. I know I should go 100% off of personal experience and proven research. But I can't shake the notion that they also have to have a certain appearance as well. A guy that really got me into growing(mainly because he said I couldn't) once told me if the pistils don't recede back into the caylx and swell to where you can barely see them, then you chopped too early. I have had plants do this and not be ready yet, and some that have not and were ready. The whole tric situation is just difficult for me for vision reasons and at a certain point of looking I can't decipher clear from cloudy. Also was under the impression buds would be falling over from weight gain...just a little bit of a gangster lean so far.

    Grofo Grows Autos&Photos w/288v2 260w kit
  6. I've been growing reefer for all of a year!
    I've already gotten plants that have 40% amber trichomes and some that NEVER DID.
    My takeaway from all of that was; "listen to your plant".
    I've seen this;
    And this plant NEVER showed amber, at all. I'd venture that I went two weeks over;
    Go figure!
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  7. Right on. My initial plan was to let em go 5 more days, but I guess I'll get ahead on defoliating them now and chop soon as the soil is dry.

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