if these plants do well....

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    So thresse are my two babies. This is my first real attempt at growing. About two and a half weeks ago I threw some seeds in a ditch near my smoke spot. Two weeks later I found some sprouts. I putem in some good soil and been Trying to nurture them, learning as I go. They've been gettin window light until yesterday when I made this little make shift grow room. So what's you guys' opinion on all this noob growing.

    Ps that's some chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream my wife made. Munchiiiesss

    Pss the first three pics are.what they looked like when I took them out of the ditch

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  2. it looks possible.. go get some bag dirt from a local hydro store and get 100 actual watts of cfl in there... if you hurry you should be able to save them

    that last shot of that ice cream stuff looks like vomit...
  3. your stove is dirty also.
  4. Why are they still under bags.....let them breath....and get those lights closer.

    Shouldn't grow before getting a stable environment for your little ones....

    It's like having a kid, without having a job, or education..it will just make things harder on you.
  5. dude quit acting like everyone's plants are dead or dying. I've been here a week and you already remind me of the trolls from my diablo II days..
  6. He is far from a troll, A troll makes frivolous statements, he made a logical rational statement....I don't see that as being trollish at all, maybe a bit straight forward but...not troll. People get so sensitive sometimes...:smoke:

  7. Thanks bro...I've been flamed all week, funny that I have felt the best I have in a long time..
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    You need like 3 more cfls to hit the bottom line. you need 100watt per plant, not 23watts.

    and tansplant that spout either in a bigger container, or FILL the FULL cup up. you are losing like 6 oz of soil space.

    Also make a box, put the plants outside, do something... who the fucks grows in the kitchen on a range?

    do yourself a favor, read indoor grow journals. find a grow that inspires you and COPY what they do, when they do it.


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