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  1. Here are my lemonberry haze and blueberry cookies. Both are indoor autos at day 50 grown in FF Ocean forest/ happy frog with 25% perlite. Currently using foxfarm
    nutes ph balanced 6.7-7 and well water naturally at 7.0-7.1. Humidity has been a struggle to maintain. Started with cool mist humidifier but to much white dust so now using evaporative humidifier in tent which helps keep it at mid to upper 40s humidity,temps are upper 70s-low 80s. I water my plants by weight and ro.I’m m getting some funky looking leaves and not sure why. Haven’t noticed any pest or signs of mold. 12” below mars hydro fc480 led adjusted today to 18” @90% power. Any thoughts?

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  2. Any leaves look like this, after it's all said and done?

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  3. and that means????:GettingStoned:
  4. My leaf pic was from light burn
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  5. What is your feed in EC or PPM?
  6. that's what it kinda looks like.
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  7. Possibly I notice several differences in OP's plant and what mine looked like. However the top growth effected plus those top two leaf pics look similar.

    Mine was severe, since I checked and attempted everything but elevating light. Took about 2 weeks before I realized.
  8. I had an leaf discoloration similar and it ended up being a PH problem in my root zone, try flushing heavy. Are you feeding liquid or dry amendments? I also had some calcium def and possibly mag, I gave it some bone meal for calcium and some light doses of calmag, plant returned to normal bud development and filled out but I had to pick off the leaves that were crispy and effected. When I had this problem start it just kept getting worse and bud growth slowed until I resolved it. Lmk if you are having similar issues.
  9. That spotted pattern in the first pic could be bug damage. If you haven't, you might want to check the undersides of leaves for little critters. Will need something like a strong magnifying glass or a 30$ USB microscope.
  10. Ppm 568 ph 6.2
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  11. Do you by any chance run a water softener for your well water?
  12. Standard Nute burn: I always recommend adding 30% perlite or clean river sand to any FFOF mix,

    for now a flush would be an idea ...pour 3 times the pot volume with air temp water do it days end so to drip out over night to restart in the morning, no more nutes

    good luck

    a shot of calmag wouldn't go amiss
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  13. +1 adding perlite to FF, definitely needs it
  14. two things stand out.
    First. I’d pH those nutrients down a bit lower into the 6.2-6.5 range. Same with the water. You may be driving your soil pH up little by little. Have you tested your soil pH?
    Second, well water can be a PITA unless you know what you’re dealing with. Get a complete water test done to eliminate some of the guess work. Pay particular attention to the levels of pH, Alkalinity, Bicarbonates, and salinity. If any of these are out of whack , all will suffer. I’m on a well, and I have to use an Reverse Osmosis filter system or bad things happen.
    I just happen to have a pic of plants from 2018 that were on straight well water with excessive alkalinity and severe l levels of bicarbonates.
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  15. Was you able to save those plants, I had it happen to me and after trying to flush the high p h down it stunned the plants and at 50 days old I killed them off. It was two of my Jedi death star seeds. Only got two left now so will be very careful on what I do this time around.
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  16. The ph of well water is 7 my runoff ph after watering is 5.9-6.2. They are still growing. I have a third plant that’s not having issues other than tiny buds. I was thinking I need to increase soil ph. Thanks for your feedback I’ll get water tested and go from there.
  17. I have to say I envy folks that have 7.0 pH water right out of their well.
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  18. To have such issues
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  19. Mine always pulled through and finished fairly well. The curl, which was way worse in other instances, was ugly but didn’t seem to slow them down much.
    Sad to hear about losing the JDS plants, I was really rooting for you on those. I love Death Star and have made some great crosses from the pheno I hold :wacko:
  20. My mistake was using old used promix I had and never flushed it, after a few weeks trying to figure it out I decided to flush them but just didn't like the look. So got last two sprouting in fresh promix and will see what happens.

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