If there was weed scented cologne, would you wear it?

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    If there was a Mary Jane Brand cologne, would you wear it? One scent smells like burnt weed like you just hotboxed your car, and the other has the sweeter scent of unburned weed. Neither scents smelling 100% like weed, but just enough to put the thought of weed in the back of the other persons minds with an array of musks or sweeter scents added depending on the persons taste. Assuming the user doesn't spray themselves down like axe, it results in a mild scent which gives off a smell of the most sophisticated joint you ever smelled. :smoke:

    You have to admit, the smell of weed smoke smells good on your clothes. What do you guys think, I was thinking of this earlier.
  2. No way in hell. Would attract the wrong sort of attention if you ask me.
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    There are several perfumes/colognes which fit that description ...

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Demeter-Cannabis-Flower-Cologne-Spray/dp/B001552XWM]Amazon.com: Demeter Cannabis Flower Cologne Spray 1 oz spray: Health & Personal Care[/ame]


    and another
  4. i wear cologne to attract females not stoner guys
  5. No, are you high or something?

    Then I may get pestered for my stash, do you really want all and sundrie asking you for hookups?

    Or looking for a gap in the...oh wait, Reddy got there before me, damn.
  6. haha! good point.

  7. I like to smell classy and attract girls.

    Not smell baked and attract cops.
  8. Fuck no it would attract all the pigs. I would carry around a little scratch n' sniff thing thy smells like weed so that I can put a smile on my face.
  9. Could we try for "would you wear it if cannabis was legal"? :confused:
    I love the smell of green flowering weed:love:
  10. I want to meet a woman who wears perfume with a bacon scent. :smoke:
  11. Let us know how that goes for ya.:p
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  13. No I do but not everyone likes the scent of weed.

    Plus it would attract attention from the boys in blue
  14. I prefer the natural stoner smell instead of the chemical one.
  15. Maybe if it were something sweet and fruity, like Blue Dream or Super Silver Haze. I couldn't see wearing something that smelt like Skunk even though I love the smell of skunk :D
  16. Why the FUCK would someone wear that???

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