if the stem on a seedling snaps....

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  1. does that defintely mean its going to die. today i looked and my small, 3 week old plant was snapped at the base, but it was still in connection it was just snapped holding on i guess by a thin piece of the stem, i simply took some soil and build it up to the cotyleon leaves and compacted it pretty good, hoping that it will give enough support so that the plant can rebuild the stem tissue. i heard they can fix themselves with the help of a splint , but this plant is young. it still looks nice and healthy (it only has one set of true leaves), but it was snapped. any1 had this happen b4, if so what was the outcome? thanks alot i hope it will fix itself
  2. Idk but personally i think it will die. when you harvest marijuana the leaves in like 10 seconds they drop so if they didn't do that then i guess your fine.
  3. This also happened to me, my plant is a little older (its a little over a month
    old). I buried my stem as well and the plant seems to be heeling. I'll let you know how mine goes. I'm praying that its ok because its my biggest and bushiest plant.
  4. Not necessarily fatal. I have had a stem snap, but sap was still getting through. The plant grew and gave a good yield, but always had a kinky stem.
  5. ditto ^ mine survived a stem snap once... just show your plant some tlc
  6. Depends, I've had a stems snap before that survived. I've also had some that died. If it tore through most the stem then it will probably die. If it was only a small snap then it might live. Hope it works out for ya
  7. i had a young plant probably on its 4th or 5th set of leaves that broke all most all the way through the stem and was starting to wilt somewhat. It was a windy day outside and i was scared one of them was broke and it was. I got a knife cut the stem at an angle, and put root tone on the stem. It wilted for a few days but did come back to life. i was amazed i dident think it would. Ended up being a female that hermied. :mad: I think it was the stress that was put on the plant that triggered the hermie gene.
  8. same situation with one of my plants, last year. mine did recover. (but turned out male)

    getting a hermie is a blessing.... when r u ppl going to realize that ;)
  9. And why is that a blessing?
  10. if you let it pollinate itself you get female seeds :eek:
  11. "Beechh U GUESSED IT" "You were raaa ighhh"

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