If the moon was a loaf of weed...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by ganjaguy420, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. Would it be possible to get high on the moon, and what would it feel like. Could you have an 'out of this world experiance' when your in space...
  2. LOL. if i could, i'd go to space and get stoned... just float around for a while. put a drop of water in the air and watch it float for like an hour... :D
  3. Hmm, I would trip out and start thinking the moon was really made of swiss cheese!!
  4. I freaked myself out today thinking about how we are really microscopic if you think about us in comparison to the universe and shit. We're just chillin way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere. I don't really want to think about it anymore, but feel free to trip amongst your selves ;)

    p.s. this is the kind of shit I think about all the time, I think I need to be sedated ;)

  5. I've often pondered this myself. But hey at least we got some good buds in the middle of nowhere!!
  6. No shit, sometimes I think thats all thats keeping me sane ;)
  7. I know exactly what you mean!! Bring on the biskits!!
  8. I usually try to keep my wierd ass realizations to myself, I don't like to freak other people out ;)

  9. You've freaked me the hell out. Now go away I'm offended!!
  10. mission accomplished ;)
  11. Ha!! I love this place!! Here's something for you to ponder:

    Mud spelled backwards is dum. Therefore, mud is the opposite to dum. Mud is smart and clean is dum.

    Hmm, random babble from the effects of my last bowl. :)
  12. how about 'bun', or 'nug'? All those three letter words, they spell something different backwards, those zany tricksters...
  13. Yes, it's big brother screwing with us Krazihare!!
  14. If the universe is always expanding, whats it expanding into?
  15. woah, thats trippy..

    *tripped out WOOAH stoner look*

  16. Its expanding into a plain where the air is really made out of marijuana and the earth is filled with 5ft purple smurfs that grant wishes from their daisy powered wands!!!!! It will be a place where free love is appreciated and everything is tie died and happy!!!!!!
  17. i think about this stuff all the time..i like thinking and talking about it...it depresses me when other people dont even realize.

  18. No shit. I hat the fact that so many people take so many things for granted. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!
  19. yeah man, the whole space thing is crazy, but if its expanding where is it expanding from? There has to be a point of origin, right?
  20. We're getting deep on this thread my fellow blades!

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