If the FBI knew I was growing weed....

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  1. For example lets the FBI was tapping my phone line and I said I was going to water my plants at 4:30.

    Would they book me A.S.A.P.? Or would they wait and build a case?

    Also, whats the odds of the FBI tapping civilian phone lines looking for crimes?


    What If I was catering for my plants and a helicopter with an infrared scope seen me watering my plants.

    Would they book me A.S.A.P.? Or would they wait and build a case?


    What if they found my plants?

    Would they snatch them from the ground or wait for me to come by to book me?

    What does them helicopters with the infrared scope look like? Do they do routine searches or do they search if they suspect there's one in the area?
  2. your paranoid, just dont tell anyone about it like the whole internet and youll be fine
  3. I know I am paranoid but it's alittle healthy in this industry, especially since their giving people 25 yrs over a stupid plant....
  4. For real dude, chill the fuck out.

    Do you know how many people grow pot in the US?
  5. STUPID PLANT?!?! its an awesome plant, dont insult the weed, it can hear you :p
  6. I don't, how many?:D
  7. FBI arn't gonna tap you, are even hear about you....

    Cops wouldn't even...

    The most you'd worry about is someone snitching.
  8. The only experience i've had with a person I know being busted for growing was because it was in my friend's dormroom, and his dumb ass roommate (who he didn't really know) kept showing all his friends it all the time.
  9. if the feds have no reason to suspect that you're growing, you more than likely have no problem.

    however, if they do suspect something, anything, they have the power to tap you phone and anything else they want pretty much due in large part to the patriot act (it gives a lot of power to civilian surveilance programs).

    i will explain the following to the best of my knowledge:
    all plants have specific heat signatures. they know what the signature for marijuana is and they can "tune" their infrared cameras to that frequency so to speak and can zoom right in on mj patches growing.

    also, they use infrared imaging to see grow lights inside of homes as well as check out houses that have an unusually high power bill.

    yes, they would wait and build a case. the larger the plants are, the more they are going to weigh, thus more severe charges and penalties to deal with. also, they will try to see if you are dealing to others.

    i would imagine in rural areas, seaches are routinely done. in city areas, only if there was suspicion.

    if they knew you had plants, they would arrest you first, than confiscate the plants.
  10. if you said you had to water ur plants, it could be any plant, not necessarily weed

    if you have your plants inside and your curtains drawn so no one can see the plants then you are fine (paranoid, but fine) just dont go bragin to all you friends, thats how most people get caught. They tell someone who tells someone who tells someone who rats on them.
  11. whoa. you're freakin out.
  12. I ask this because I seen a low flying copter fly by when I was watering my plants which are in the canopy of a 65 foot tree. But before the copter incident I think I heard some construction workers said they saw me climb the tree but even if they did would they automatically think someone is growing weed in it?
  13. I know that I wouldn't think you were growing weed in a tree. And if I don't think you would, being the stoner I am... then I doubt a construction worker would.

    Nonetheless.... it's not a good thing that people have seen you in the tree.
  14. Im not sure if they seen me or not... thats the worst part about it.
  15. dude you stole my idea
  16. Even though Marijuana is illegal, it is the number 4 cash crop in Ohio and even higher in about 10 other states.
  17. If you act like a huge sketchbag, you're only drawing heat. Tell body, show nobody. Simple rules.
  18. the FBI isnt going to do anything silly, its the DEA you gotta worry about

    but if the DEA ever does bust in on you n you get arrested, make sure you tell em "you guys are lucky i'm not a supervillain or you'd be fucked" n see what they say

  19. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law..."
  20. I love this guy.

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