If The D.O.C. were to make another album, do you think it would be good?

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  1. Apparently Snoop dogg is paying for a surgery that would repair 70% of his voice. He has a new album called "Voices through Hot Vessels" coming out, so do you think it'll be good? Do you think Dr. Dre will be involved? Do you think it'll be a big deal or will it just go unnoticed?

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    Thanks for showing me the link to the thread I actually had already heard about this like a year back. And to be honest I really believe its going to go unnoticed why? because The D.O.C just isn't relevant in today Hip-Hop scene plus he never was that relevant to begin with because he released so little material. Its gonna go unnoticed just like MC Ren's last album which IMO was dope as fuck. But if he does release another album no doubt Im gonna support cuz I know true talent when I hear it. Also I highly doubt Dr. Dre is gonna be involved but maybe he will who knows.

    Edit: Maybe Snoop Dogg's music has highly declined throughout the years but I'v always had the upmost respect for him cuz he's alwasy keepin' it so real. He's always been loyal to his homies and he's always supporting up and coming MC from the West coast(In reference to Snoop paying for The D.O.C.'s surgery). Everyone loves this dude on the real. Plus his flow is still phenomenal.
  3. well D.O.C hasn't left, he's still here ghostwriting and overseeing; he wrote most of dre's lyrics on the chronic and 2001 as well. My prediction: if snoop is actually paying for the surgery then he will be on the album for sure, with snoop comes tha dogg pound and I think dre would do it.
  4. Bump and

    According to a 2009 interview, Snoop Dogg assisted The D.O.C. in seeking a voice therapist. It was found that The D.O.C.'s vocal cords are not irreparably severed or crushed, and that his voice could still be surgically restored by up to 70%. As such, LA-Based Publicist, Idalyze Nasiha Rose, has assisted him in finding a surgeon who will repair his vocal cords.[3] The D.O.C. is currently undergoing final tests before the surgery takes place, which may or may not be televised

    - wiki
  5. The same Snoop Dogg who puts out songs with The Pussy Cat Dolls and Katy Perry not to mention countless other pop records?

    Yeah, he's true to the game.

    I'd definetly listen to D.O.Cs album but I doubt it would be anything revolutinary. Although, maybe through all these years he's been writing the most awesome rhymes he can think of and it'll be like his debut all over again.

    Also, who would watch his surgery on TV lol?
  6. the doc was so fuckin underrated..i bump no one can do it better on the reg, and if him, dre and some of the legends and new faces of the west hookedup for some collabs and a record, id listen, voice or not

    its so fuckin terrible how that happened tho..a future legend dreams crushed in the car accident
  7. source ?

    anyone dissing snoop is retarded......you want him to drop gangster music ? hes an OG....yall dont know about it...

    and i wuddnt bump no doc...this dudes too old to try to get back into the game....lol. past his era
  8. he like 42 around the same age as dre,jayz and snoop

  9. yeah but he isnt jayz or snoop or dre.

    he wont make bruh....he'll just drown and lose all his cash.
  10. DOC is better on his first album than snoop,dre and jay z put together. His flow is unbelievable
  11. negative....snoops flow is unbelievable....pretty much bro hes not relevant in hiphop hes not a name most people will remember or know.

    hes too fucking old....he shud look into another career.
  12. I would have to listen to it. How couldnt you? D O C is ill

  13. Come on son age doesn't mean shit good music is good music and me been a big D.O.C. fan I know he can deliver something dope if he does release another album. And The D.O.C. flow is unbelievable have you listened to "No One Can Do It Better"?

    Fucken Insane.Phenomenal flow and lyrically potent​

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M7MvGsb_n8]YouTube - The D.O.C. - Portrait Of A Master Place[/ame]
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY_Ruw5Wv8A&feature=related]YouTube - Conspiracy Interview with The D.O.C. Part 1/3[/ame]
  15. I would listen to it, DOC had some dope lyrics that were time less, just hope he would keep it true and not try and be relevant to todays bullshit standards
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY4DB_Q-aww&feature=related]YouTube - Conspiracy Interview with The D.O.C. Part 3/3[/ame]

    so doc worked on detox

  17. "I still remember the window of the car that you went through
    That's fucked up, but I'll never forget the shit we been through
    And I'ma do whatever it takes to convince you
    Cuz you my nigggaa D.O.C."
  18. Lol those rhymes are awful.

  19. Wow way to douche it up man... Its not like he said they were great lyrics he was just making a point plus the lyrics aren't that bad its just that the there incomplete cause he quoted a small part thats why they sound incomplete.

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