If THC was a needle drug, would you still do it?

Discussion in 'General' started by BeRzErKaS, Aug 6, 2003.


If THC was a needle drug, would you still do it?

  1. Hell Yes!

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  2. No Way!

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  1. Well, would you? Here's the deal:

    It's the not-so-distant future and weed scientists have found a way to extract a super pure form of the drug THC from the cannibis plant.

    Selling and shipping of the plant/bud form of marijuana has been completely phased out because the new form is odorless and dirt cheap to produce. The new high is instantaneous and incredible. And the drug is just as safe and non-addictive as modern bud.

    The catch is that the new super-potent form of THC is a syrupie green liquid that needs to be shot directly into a vien. Like heroin. Instead of bowls and bongs you now have to score needles. And now a "session" consists of a group of friends chillin and passing a needle around.

    Instead of lung cancer you now have to worry about blowing out your viens and catchin diseases from sharing needles. One last thing, you CAN drink the liquid. But it tastes horrible and really fucks you over. Much the same way consuming modern heroin would.

    So, all that said, if THC was needle drug would you still do it? Is it worth it? Which are you a bigger fan of...the ritual....or the high?
  2. Hell no, if it ain't tha natural herb then it ain't weed. Also, would you trust an unknown green liquid bought from the black market to be nothing but THC?

  3. no i wouldn't do it...it would have to be time for me to part ways with that wonderful herb
  4. no way, it wouldn't be the same, its not just the high its toking up with your mates. seeing and smelling the buds together, plus the thoguht of injecting myself seems weird, if it was for a desise maybe but not just to get high
  5. nope, not by injection anyways, i'd have to find a new method of intake. i'd be covered in holes in a month.
  6. pshh man fuck no i would never use a needle. if i aint smokin it or eatin it then i aint useing it.
  7. damn.. hard question... i would want to smoke it though... i hate needles and i like the taste of smoking it...
  8. hahhah, by the end of the first week id look like a pice of swiss cheese, only with a strange green fluid flowing from all the orifaces of my body.

    hahahh nah i couldnt inject a needle into me like that. if it was ever made, and it was 100% pure, i would prob try it once... just cuz I used to get allergy shots every week so im used to it, and i bet a high from that would be intense. but i wouldnt do it after that ever. just would be too "addicty" i guess. to fiendish.
  9. Get a permanent injection port on you somewhere :D....If weed was still illegal in your scenario, then it would probably be lumped together with the hard drugs more than it is now, pretty much eliminating any chance of legalization. Nope, I like the act of smoking, being social with people while smoking, about as much as I like the high itself.
  10. you could still grow your own plants though right? btw, marijuana buds will never go out of style to some... green goop. but no, i would not use THC if i had to shoot it up. i would just start spending all that weed money on psychadelics, which have recently become my favorite class of drugs.. mm, hallucinogens :)
  11. nope... needles are nasty...
  12. nah..Id have my own plant and keep smoking. I dont think much people would like the idea of injecting over smoking anyway.
  13. Nope, the only needle that goes in my body is done by a doctor if I'm sick or need bloodwork.
  14. no, i wouldnt be able to poke my self with a needle.
  15. Okay.

    First of all, THC is one of MANY chemicals in weed that does all the fun stuff. I think there's about 420 of them. So, THC isn't weed. THC alone doesn't posess all the properties of weed and I therefore doubt it would be as interesting as weed as it would be the same high every time and I like a little variation in my highs.

    Second, a good number of "needle drug" addicts don't die from the drug, they die because their veins collapse from shooting up. Diabetics who take insulin shots also are affected by this phenomenon.

    Bottom line: needles suck!
  16. Needles are just bad news.... besides youd look horrible all stoned out of your mind with needles in your pocket and layin around... youd look like a junkie so screw that im smokin it outa my baby....
  17. Isn't it mainly two- THC and one other (i think it's something like CBD but it's been a long while since I read it on Errowid.)

    A few technical innacuracies with your story: number one, THC wouldn't be green. Weed is green because of a little chemical called chlorophyl. As THC looks like an organic molecule I would guess it's kinda oily and probably a kind of clear to amber colour (not really black or dark cos it looks like quite a short molecule) with the consistency of syrup or oil. This is a rough guess so if anyone has a chemistry degree and can provide any further information on it- be my guess.

    Second you could use it in a VAPORIZER if it were pure THC and inhale it that way- all you have to do is heat it past it's boiling point. You can do the same thing with heroin- it's called chasing the dragon I believe- but heroin addicts use a peice of foil and heat it with the heroin in and suck the vapour through a straw- kinda like a knife hit.

    I have never seen honey oil in my life but all of the above methods of smoking are, I believe, used for honey oil consumption and my lil description I would guess sums up honey oil pretty much exactly from what I have read. I believe that Honey oil is the extract of cannabis (THC and your fun chemicals) but I don't have the first goddamn clue about it's purity so um....

    Ok that little thing wasn't very coherant but if you loo... *SMACK* shut up switch and answer the goddamn fucking question- PEDANT!!!

    OK. No I wouldn't. Ya happy now?

    Yes.. now fuck off, switch.
  18. No.

    ...and thanks for finally answering the fucking question, Switchy Boy!!!
  19. yeah, nice one switch. mainly two, the third coming in close behind cannibanol ... gets abreviated to STD (i think). but there is something like over 60 - 100 chemicals (or maybe 400, idk, that might be propanganda... or maybe my subconscious just made it up for a laugh.. anyways.. i digress) that will have some effect. thus why its such a refined taste/experience. with no two strains offering the same type of high.

    does anyone else say to themselves in their head whilst reading this thread the reefer madness line outta Fear & Loathing, "KNOW YOUR DOPE FEIND!" :D

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