if spitting out cool air can i just throw it in attic?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by herbsivore, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. hey i was wondering because i will have 2 ventilation systems, one for the light, and the other for the room. so i was thinking the air that i am throwing out for the room can i just toss that straight into my attic? it should not be hot as i am only using 2 LEDs if anything warm. is there any reason not to just vent it straight into attic. as for the HPS i know the hot air can cause mold so you have to spit straight out the house but not sure for warm air?
    also these days in summer my attic gets up to 120*F if that matters
  2. Your attic will be less efficient at keeping your house insulated as moving air, and the increased air pressure will translate heat better through convection and the pressure can force some air into the house.
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  3. The attic is fine. Its dry up there, usually hotter than what your throwing in it.

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  4. thanks i took your advice. which was hell but it got done
  5. i would think its okay too but just in case i went the hard route cause my attic gets so hot and humid during these summer months
  6. So long as you never let it get that hot in your grow room.... me thinks your plants won't like that too much.

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  7. I know you already did it, but some advice for next time: A water bottle half frozen to take up with you and a cheap painters mouth cover. Heat stroke is supprisingly fast and fiverglass in your lungs is no good, lol.
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  8. i have no doubt that i got heatstroke the day i actually took care of that mess. i am still super lazy from that day.
    tooke me hours!
    now i have another problem from that day and its electrical. my condenser unit outside is not turning on.
    i have AC guy come check it and with his tool he sees that the condenser unit is not getting any power. has nothing to do with the AC unit
    turn on and off breaker a few times finally gets power.
    now its off again. he says it could be breaker box.
    but i am know its something that i did up there specially that i ran ducting next to breaker box and over all those wires.
    i am no good with electical work. just wondering if that would be a do-able fix or i am gonna have to tell this AC guy to go up there and find the wire that i am messing with from the ducting?
    any advice?

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