If someone offered you coke.

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Would you do it? I would put this in pandora's box, hoever, I'm sure almost if not everyone would say yes.

    For me...probably not
  2. i was actually offered some coke this this friday, i was very drunk and i said no....
    now i would say yes

    ....nvm i would just pussy out
  3. Yes. I've been offered when I was younger but I was smarter than that then. I've tried all kinds of addictive things from xanax to extracting my own opium. I hear coke is overrated anyways, I highly doubt I'd get addicted. So yea I'd do it for free just to try it.
  4. sure.
    every once in a while.

    edit: *waits for BK to see thread* :cool:
  5. Ummmm, free coke?

    You bet your sweet ass I'd rail a couple lines.
  6. psh at this time elast year i wouldve jumped on that shit, but now i would politely decline
  7. :p........
  8. I'd say no. I much rather prefer Pepsi.
  9. You had better believe I would take a free line.

  10. zing.

    but no.
  11. HAHAHAHAHA WIN :hello:
  12. zing!!!

  13. LMAO I see where you got you're rep.
  14. Hell yeah I would take it!
  15. If it were my first time, yes.

    If it were me now, no.
  16. but on a serious note. ive never tried coke or anything other than weed (and concerta [which doesnt really count given ive taken it for years]) . but i really think i would find it hard to say no. :(
  17. I understand that most people do not want to endure hard drugs, and that it is not for everyone.


    Fuck yeah, free coke? Hell yeah!!
  18. Why is there no "FUCK YES" answer up there?

    Personally i'd tell em to cook it up n lets smoke some rock.. but hell, you cant turn down a free couple lines!

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