If Social networking didn't exist. (Facebook etc)

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  1. Hey guys, have you ever wandered what it would be like if social networking never existed.
    I have a facebook myself and have had one for years but use it as a tool rather than spending my life on it, I mainly use it for the inboxes, which I get for free on wifi and with my mobile phone plan, other than that i might scroll through the news feed whenever I am really bored. Imo I think things like texting and facebook are destroying the social skills between people, especially the generation of new teens who are addicted to it and influenced by what they see coming from around the world. I wish we lived in a world without this, as I could imagine living in a place with better people who are more real and original...I could just be ranting on, but I would of loved to of grown up in the 70's or 80's.. Even early 90's for that matter...

    (BTW: ive grown up and still living as a teen through this generation/era, to be honest, it kinda sucks, cos even at parties these days you see people who cant get there face out of a phone, and im not talking about little highschool parties either)

    What are your thoughts?
  2. This website would not exist.
  3. It's a fairly recent development so if it would have never emerged then we'd still be having to actually interact with people face to face and passing notes in class.

    I wonder, was there just as much social anxiety pre-social media? I mean, you either grabbed your cojones and talked to people face to face or do nothing and never talk to anyone lol. Maybe it's just me, but I think if anything social media would make something like that rise in numbers because it's so much "easier" (for some) to text or message someone vs calling them or having to go up to them and talk to them.
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    i guess in a way.....forums were around way before facebook or myspace even.
    i remember being on forums as far back as 1999.

    i guess they're just a less popular form of "social networking"

    technology is supposed to "bring people together" but to me it actually pushed people apart.

  5. kony 2012. that is all....
  6. We would have better communication and a lot more fun and excitement with friends. not knowing what has been the deal with them, having a lot to talk about.

    sooo it will make communication so much better and stronger, by using body language, voice and tone. will increase sociality with teenagers, will change sooooo fucking much.i don't even wanna start
  7. The only thing I use Facebook for is to contribute to the laughable Facebook statuses thread.

    But I've also got a twitter which I really like, I mostly use that to follow rappers, athletes, and parody accounts.
  8. I was just thinking similar stuff while watching dishes.... I was thinking: " I wonder what people did before we had the Internet"
  9. This site is a year older than the first social networking site.

    As for OPs question, I've never had a Facebook or a Myspace or anything like that, so as far as I'm concerned social networking doesn't exist in that regard.

    I've been on forums since like 97. I don't regard forums or message boards as "social networking" because more often than not, people post anonymously.
  10. I wish they didnt!

    except for the city of course!!!:cool:
  11. Facebook is boring, it good to keep in contact with people you want to keep in touch with but that's it. I'm mostly on Youtube, GC or somewhere learning new information. Email and Instant Messenger of AOL were the first part of social networking remember it started in the 90's when Dial Up was the main connection so I guess it was an thrill for people to open up to the internet and explore but if we didn't have Social Networking?

    More people would lean to forums that are related to their interests while others would be outside do what their own version of fun, at least it's better than Television.
  12. Meh, honestly I don't see why people are SOOO addicted to that damn book, its cool to find out events n shit and keep track of em' but thats about it....the whole concept is just annoying..

    myspace back in the day was more badass... ahahah you could actually find cool music and be creative n shit. But even then, I was addicted to the neopets forums :p. HCER FO LIFE'
  13. ^^ Facebook can be addicting during the "teenage" stage but after that, some people either delete their profile or stay on. Myspace was bad ass, helped people get laid too.
  14. i wonder if people way back in the day thought the telegraph was going to corrupt human interaction in their society? lol:smoke:
  15. teenagers would actually have to go and get real friends, lmfao.
  16. Btw guys..Im not saying there's anything wrong with having facebook, I have one, its simply getting with the times I suppose
  17. I think Facebook and other social networking sites are a very good invention in this society and have brought people together indeed

    BUT some of us have no self control and let it consume our lives!

    I'm sure if we used it in moderation and keep using it in moderation things would have turned out better!

    What if there was a timer on Facebook and you could only be on it for an hour a day for instance. Idk just throwing out an idea :p
  18. this site will exist..... forums are still not very well known to a lot of people
  19. [quote name='"tokin jax"']kony 2012. that is all....[/quote]

    lol wtf so unrelated

  20. Would that be Telstra?

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