If scientists discovered that weed is sentient

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    Suspend your disbelief for a minute
    If through some crazy new research, somehow, scientists (unanimously) discovered that marujuana is capable of conciousness, as intelligent as, say, a mouse.
    would you keep smoking it?
    TL;DR: Popplers.

  2. as long as it doesnt scream i would...i eat animals so why not
  3. id pull on my dealers heart strings like a fucking cunt "Come on bro, you cant seperate brother and sister!!..." hands me free buds. 
  4. But I smoke more weed than I eat animals... If one nug = one mouse
    and if they feel pain lol... kinda burning them alive a little
    also, it's to get high instead of nutrition which is fucked in a different way..
  5. What if i put it to you that all plant life, while not SENTIENT, is capable of a form of communication with one another, and has the ability to feel pain in the form of stress hormones?

    Because they do and can. Plants are amazing creations.

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  6. This is purely hypothetical of course?
  7. I eat the fuck out of meat, and it used to be sentient

    So I have no problem with consumption of a plant, that was sentient, before its death.

    Its the magic of being on top of the food chain :poke:
  8. Watching a short video on the fucked up nature of slaughter houses now days will probably give you the answer that most people have. 
  9. Well, assuming the weed I'm smoking doesn't also reveal that it can scream and press charges on me... I'd probably continue smoking it. Sentient as it may be, it clearly isn't sentient enough to say no!  :bongin:
    On the other hand, if my weed somehow DID gain the ability scream, I'd probably throw my stash out the window and sit in a corner for a while.
  10. Well, what if it's further discovered that weed WANTS us to smoke it? Maybe it wants to join the universal consciousness which can only occur through consumption.
  11. Yes, because I eat shit as intelligent, if not more intelligent, than mice. Why not smoke em too?
  12. came here to basically say this. plants are much more complex than you give them credit for. 
  13. Hypothetically, if scientists found out that weed was sentient.... I'd like to hit whatever they're smoking.

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  14. Id smoke more weed.
  15. I read an article the other day saying that 200+ scientists signed a declaration claiming plants and animals had "consciousness".
  16. Doesn't sound like they have much of the scientific community backing them.
  17. For good reason I'd say.
  18. What do you mean?
  19. i just don't see how you can prove it, especially concerning plants.
  20. Oh absolutely, I agree. I thought you were saying that there was good reason for the scientists to agree on that theory. Just wanted to make sure you weren't.

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