If Prop19 passes...

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  1. If Prop19 passes next month, how long do you guys think it will take to pass elsewhere in America?
  2. A long time, California is far ahead of any other state in MJ legalization.
  3. not long i hope... :(but it will.
  4. You never know... It could start a chain reaction of other States jumping on board too. At worst, it will help the states who don't have Medical Marijuana get it.
  5. Are there not other States that are just waiting for the vote on prop19 and if it passes they are going to do the same thingsoon or somthing like that?

  6. Idk, California just passed a law making possession of an oz or less an infraction with $100 fine.

    Massachusetts passed this(as a prop) back in 2008.

  7. I think 2012/2013 there will be more states on board with medical marijuana(through their legislature or Prop), with a few states with a Marijuana Regulate and Tax ballot initiatives.
  8. If it passes, look to see what the fed does for the next two years. If they decide to look the other way, then I think the 2012 elections could bring a lot of change for the better. If they get aggressive about overruling Prop 19, then I think the majority of politicians running in 2012 will side with the fed and the same bullshit will continue.
  9. I think it depends on how much money they bring in within the next 2 years if it passes. Money moves things, you tell someone marijuana didn't increase crime AND it brought in so many billions of dollars, that will change minds quick.

    If you ask me, if all goes good for Cali, I'd think the south would jump ship first because of how bad they are doing. They need money asap.

  10. Whether the Feds lookaway or turn up the heat on California when Prop 19 passes, the debate over marijuana legalization will get a bigger stage.

    You know the second it passes, it will be all over national media.
  11. If it passes there are at least 5 states right now that would have it on their 2010 ballot. Within 5 years (my guess) all states will have a MMJ program with at least half of the states having legalization/taxation of MJ on their ballot.
  12. What cracks me up is all the states that are going to be shocked it was even on the Ballot. Oh the outrage!!! People will no doubt be making their usual "Kalifornia" remarks...I don't think much of America even knows about Prop 19 right now. Which is probably a good thing... :D
  13. If everything goes well here then in 2012 you will see about 6 states going for the same thing. California will lead the way and our economy is going to explode!
  14. imagine if it passed in every state could it still be illegal on the federal level? if so DC would be probably the only place you couldn't get it.
  15. Considering the 2012 elections are presidential/senators I doubt we'll see much in terms of marijuana legalization. 2014 is probably when we'll see more states with legal marijuana.
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    Actually there are FOUR other states with their own legalization legislation in the works for the 2012 Ballot. In fact, Prop 19 was originally going to be in 2012 in order to get the larger voter turnout, but Richard Lee decided against advice, to go for it in 2010. I think he made the right call. If this fails in 2010, it will very likely be up for a vote again in 2012. It's too close to passing to wait another four years. By then we could have another President with a wife who wants to start another War On Drugs. ;)
  17. I believe in no more than five years half of the states will have MJ legal.

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