If price wasnt an issue what breed of dog would you buy ?

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  1. Tittle says it , for me it would have to be a French bulldog , my blues are awesome and I'd never sale them but French bulldogs are my dream dog I gues lol , maybe a little to high , but lets hear it what breed of dog would you get and why , I like frenchies because they are stocky but slim and couch patatos
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  3. My dream dogs

    I got a neopolatian mastif right now ill post a pic later

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  4. Tibetan mastiff
  5. German shepherd. One of the ones that are bred and trained in Germany (I know adopting a dog is way better, they're just amazing dogs though and well treated).
  6. [quote name='"Jizzabelly"']My dream dogs

    I got a neopolatian mastif right now ill post a pic later[/quote]

    The mini bull terrier is one breed I wouldn't get , way too much energy for me , friend ha one and he was SUPER hyper all the time , don't think that dog ever slept
  7. Pitt Bull always
  8. Black labs and basset hounds all day
  9. kelpie for work
  10. Mini daschund theyre amazing. Im straight btw
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    I'd buy a fox from Russia. It's a dog-like mammal.

  12. Already have one that I got as a rescue but I love Weimeraners.

    I'd also get a Giant Schnauzer or a Canary Islands Dog (Presa Canario).
  13. Husky all day. Or a husky lab mix or husky german shepherd mix
    have had the last two and both were perfect dogs (aside from shedding all day long)
  14. alaskan malamute or a shiba-inu or a samoyed doggie <3
  15. new finlands are dope as fuck but they eat way to much
  16. Pitbull, I don't know what it is about this breed but I've always thought they were beautiful dogs and I've always wanted one.
  17. Shiba Inu or Alaskan Husky
  18. Saarloswolfhond
  19. I'd like to have a Saint Bernard - and I will just go through a rescue shelter. No worries about money that way! Dream = reality. Awesome.
  20. Syberian st bernard

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