If Obama is elected, will there be any change in weed laws?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Breach, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. That scares some people, who would be scared to risk the same, and pleases others, who either wish they would have been able to do the same, or are really curious about how this will turn out.

    Yeah, that is real change. That's the most subtle wedge issue I've ever noticed.
  2. Same. I also have been wondering if Obama is elected and does make radical changes for the better of our country if there even will BE a republican party anymore? How could a republican run the country after Obama changes everything for the better, as he says? I think this might actually be the end of the republican party, or something is going to happen that is completely new if Obama is elected.
  3. 8 years is a nice long time. :)

  4. 8 years FO SHO :hello:
  5. Did Obama ever specifically mention ending the drug war?

  6. Not specifically, but those weren't my words :D
  7. He's been somewhat vauge about it. I can see him not sending the DEA after legal dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. I really don't see him being super excited about decriminalization on a federal lever though.

    Really, that's something that has been changing rapidly on a smaller level. The feds don't seem to want to legalize or decriminalize, but many cities are doing that. Local activism is the way to go when it comes to weed laws. Check norml.org for information on how to get active with your communitie's local norml chapter and make shit happen!

  8. hey man, i hate politicans as much as the next guy, but why do we come after them for "flip flopping" so much. as the Dali Llama once said "only the supremely wise and the supremely ignorant do not alter." I support obama because he offers a true alternative in so many ways. Politicans are usually old cynical closeted white supremacists. Obama's giving new ideas and a new approach to our politics. let's at least give something new a try. We have almost nothing to loose at this point.
  9. I wasn't attacking Obama, I'm all for him. I was just making a remark saying that the right-wing media (fox news) and republicans trash talk Obama for "flip-flopping". Actually, I believe that they overuse that term and the republican party also over uses the word "terrorism".

  10. Man, you are the funniest person on here. Thanks for making me laugh. :D
  11. i found out palin admitted to smoking weed and that is it legal in alaska so i dno
  12. It doesn't matter if he is 100% for the legalization of weed we have a thing called checks and balances and theres no way congress would let that happen the war on drugs will never end it employs way to many pepole.
  13. It employs people against each other.
  14. UNITY - Whether you like it or not
  15. During the GOP race obama original said he would decriminalize marijuana but later retracted that statement after his advisers probably told him how it may affect a large portion of voters.
  16. Yeah, that's most likely why he backed off from answering those questions about cannabis directly.

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