if not for weed, i might have killed someone!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by happywallyskin, May 15, 2006.

  1. This happened to me about me about a year ago. I kind of forgot about it, but thisisnotreal's thread about his brush with death got me thinking about it, so I'll share this story with you...

    Well me and two of my friend were gonna go get stoned, so we start driving to a real chill smoke spot that we used to use a lot. About halfway there we change our minds and decide to stop at another spot that was closer. So we stop at this parking lot of a local Waldorf school. We just started smoking the second bowl when we see this cop car come cruising by with his blues on, about 30 seconds later another cop, followed by an ambulance, a fire truck, and another cop (bear in mind, I live in rural Maine, where a single cop with his blues on is relatively rare, let alone 3 cops, a fire truck, and an ambulance, so this was big for us....).

    So after we get past the initial fright of seeing the cops, we finish the bowl then head out to see what all the excitement is about. Maybe 5 miles down the road, and about a mile before our original smoke spot, everything is blocked off and we are told we have to go like 15 miles out of the way to get around. So we just give up on it, head to another smoke spot and get right baked...

    Well, the next day we find out that someone comitted suicide by skateboarding out in front of an SUV going like 55. If we had decided on going to our original smoke spot there was a good chance that I could of been the one driving the car that killed him. Sometimes impatience can be a good thing...a little decision that seemed so trivial at the time, if it had gone the other way could have changed my life forever.

    I still haven't gone back to that spot yet, and I don't think I ever will...
  2. That's some deep shit you thought up there....how LIT were you?

    But yea that is pretty fucked up
  3. LOL!! Sorry but suicide by skateboarding in front of an SUV...funny the shit people do. But yeah thats pretty crazy about you getting so close to running a depressed skateboarder over. Again sorry for laughing but I am quite baked right now.
  4. Damn that's some heavy shit, bro. That kind of stuff really gets you thinking...
  5. god damn that is fucked up man. that's scary shit.
  6. Or maybe if you went to the other smokeing spot you could have seen the kid, not hit him then stop and talk him into smokeing weed and save his life! lol

  7. man bro, you are funny...........looking at the upside of things good for you..........i admire that.........

    but that is some deep shit.............i would think the same shit...........
  8. A higher being diverted you away from danger and to smoking pot. If that's god, shit, you can call me a priest.
  9. Well thats a chance of like 1 in 100 from the other vehicles that drove that way.
    Or was the kid just waiting for a car?
  10. man, if you're gonna kill yourself, do it right. don't put the guilt on some random person who doesn't deserve it. WTF was this kid thinking? careless bastard
  11. Yea it does, thats just freaky...

    It reminds me when I was chillin in this park smoking one day with 2-3 friends, we were sitting on a bench and noticed the same cars passed like 2-3 times, so were just like WTF? Im thinkin that someone knows what were doing and is just spying on us, Being all paranoid. Then like a mintue or two later a cop comes flying towards us with lights on, turns out he was going some where else. Then 4 more cops passed so were just like oh fuck this is serious and went to investigate, but we were too late and couldn't find where they went.
  12. ummm....doesnt sound like suicide to me.

    but i can see where ur comin from on the higher being thing. Scary shit bro
  13. The kid was selfish for putting his death in someone elses hands.

    On the whole other topic thing though, Its when things like that happen that make me consider fate. My dad when he was 19-20 was suppost to go to this party on Friday night with a group of his friends. They always went every Friday they would meet up around 7-8 for their groups pre-party and then drive to St Marys (about 20 minutes away) and party around 10. Anyways some shit went down with his girlfriend that caused him not to head towards St Marys for the night. On the way there it was foggy and they hit a bridge. All 4 people in the car died, He probally would have too. He has to drive by this bridge every day for work. Must be such an odd feeling.
  14. That is sort of freaky. I can see how that would have changed your life, even though it would have been no fault of your own. Makes me appreciate the fact that Karma seems to like me and I don't run into this type of shit much. Knock on wood.

    Btw TecknoLust, I get the feeling your from Newfoundland. Correct me if your wrong, but, St Mary's, and heavy fog says Newfoundland to me like no other.
  15. aha i was about to say the same
  16. And this skateboarder....WTF?

    I wonder how many other cars/trucks/minivans passed him?

    KID: Hmm, here's a car...nah fuck that it's a Honda...
    KID: Hmm, this one looks good....eh, fuck it, it's just a motorcycle.
    KID: Those are some nice headlights! Yes! this is the---

    I mean honestly kid, what the fuck are(were) you thinking? That almost beats the "Old Spaghetti Factory" way of suicide.....

    You get all dressed up in a nice, expensive suit on a quite Thursday family night and head to the Old Spaghetti Factory, order the most expensive dish, the most expensive drink/wine/whatever, barely drink or eat anything, stand up on your chair and say "Attention! Attention everyone! I'd like to make a toast, to the man of the -----" ((BOOM!!!)) then blow your face off with a sawed off.

    THAT's the way to go out at someone else's expense.
  17. that would have ended up just like that one anti marijuana commercial where those two guys drove over a kid riding her bike
  18. that is some shit to think about right there... dang I dont think i would have went to tht spot again either

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