If mushrooms are as amazing as they say..

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  1. ..why don't people shroom all the time like they smoke? I mean, it's not uncommon for people on this board to smoke 2-3 times a day, so why not shroom? Is it such a powerful experience you don't want to trip that hard that often? Expensive? Weed's more convenient - shorter high? I was just wondering because 99% of the shroom threads and shroom trip reports say that shrooms provided "the best experience of their life" so I wonder.. why not do them more often?
  2. dude shrooms arent all that, its all about the experience and how/where and with whom you take shrooms with trust me, dont just eat shrooms whenever i had a very bad experience doing thAT!!!
  3. Well yes they are. But they must be done in in moderation.

    Its a very powerful drug which means your need to be even MORE careful with it than weed and not absuse it and do it every day.

    First of all due to the high tolerence of shrooms, you cant trip every day. Every 3 days at best.

    And it would be really hard to. You need to clear your schedule for 6-8 when you trip which most people cant do on a regular basis.

    If I could I'd probably trip once a week. Anymore than that would not be the greatest for you.

    Respect the shroom and it will respect you back.

    Happy trippin
  4. Have you ever tried to be a functioning member of society while on mushrooms? :p
  5. ^^ It doesn't work TOO well =P. Oh, and I smoke more than 2-3 times a day. I wake up at 6 a.m. and have 2-3 seshes well before noon. Like Blaze said, respect the drug and it will respect you.
  6. That is so not feasible to do mushrooms everyday. You will get paralyzed yo.

    Weed and shrooms ARE NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING. Weed is a relaxing drug that you can do anywhere and still not be majorly impaired. Mushrooms though are waaaaay different. You can't drive on shrooms (BAD IDEA WOW), you can't even talk to normal people with any kind of decency. Al that'll come out is "Your hat lacks the find definition of a sharp cliff. Where do you buy your shoelaces?" Forget about going to job interviews or job, period.

    As said before by someone, the point of a mushroom trip is who you're with, and where you are, and what you're doing. If you tripped everyday there would be no significance to your trips. Mushrooms can be powerful (depending on the strain) and can bring into a new way of seeing the world. You wouldn't want to trip everyday anyways. It drains your energy. Setting aside 6-8 hours everyday so that I can have the same trip everyday? Fuck that times two.
  7. you cant trip everyday, tolerance builds too fast, shit i cant even trip 2 days in a row

    the most my body lets me trip is about once every 4-6 weeks its crazy how fast your tolernce builds on shrooms i could eat 3-4 grams one day and trip balls, then the next day ill eat 6-8 grams and wont trip at all its weird
  8. not to mention, the day after you trip you're body has to recover.

    any time i do hallucinogens i'm left with a vacant feeling in my head (once i'm done trippin) up until the point where i fall asleep, then i wake up fine. tripping is mentally exhausting :)
  9. cause they'll turn your brain into fucking mush...why do you think they call em mushies
  10. I'll field this one. The best analogy is, pot is to caffeine, as to mushrooms is to alcohol. Caffeine definately affects you but it doesn't really intefere with your day, and you can do it multiple times a day, even every day, and remain functional. And this is analogous to pot.

    Now, being drunk is different, you are not functional when you are drunk, and it is physically hard on your body. Unless you are an alcoholic with a severe issue, most people have no desire to get shitfaced drunk every day. Same with mushrooms. You are ABSOLUTELY non-functional when you are shrooming, and it is physically and mentally exhausting and draining, and you need to recover from it. It is just too intense to do all the time, plus after you do them, you don't really have much of a desire to do them right away. I'd say being on shrooms is somewhat comparable to being the drunkest you've ever been in your life, not in effects obviously, but in how physically exhausting it is, as well as how non-functional you are. It is the polar opposite of weed in that respect, where with weed you can completely remain functional, but with shrooms/being drunk, you completely cannot remain functional.
  11. yea dude, i cant even have a good trip anymore. I dont really like shrooms. Acid is alot better.
  12. bologna! haha I love that word, I've gone to school tripping, it's not easy AT ALL, let me just say that. But yea, as mentioned already you can't trip every day, because it won't affect you the same way. Also, at least in my area, boomers only come by so often throughout the year, so it's not as easy to get access to as it is with herb.
  13. Very informative, thanks a lot.

    Oh.. and for the record, I'm not a 'mushhead', actually I've never even shroomed before. I was just wondering because like I said - people seem to LOVE shrooms, so I was just wondering why they don't do them all that often. Again, thanks emdyeks for the explanation, I completely understand and really, I don't plan on doing shrooms any more than once *MAYBE* twice a month. Don't worry, I don't plan on killing my brain, I was just curious. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  14. yea, pot and mushrooms are NOTHING a like, they are as different as pot and alcohol, it's just an entirely different class of drug. With pot, you have wierd ass thoughts, and usually your visual perceptions are fine, it's just you have wierd stuff going on in your head. but with mushrooms, you actually see shit, your visual perceptions ARE messed up. You aren't thinking that things look wierd, you are seeing that things don't look right. Having skewed mental perceptions like you do with weed vs. having skewed ACTUAL perceptions like you do with mushrooms are completely different and there is really no way to understand what it is really like unless you have done it. Mushrooms were cool, but not life changing at all, pot is way more life changing IMO. Mushrooms did get me into listening to pystrance like "Infected Mushroom" because it helps you understand it more, if that makes sense.
  15. Well, you could do them pretty frequently, but they're very very bad for your body. After a trip you're all tired and worn out. Most people like to sleep for a LONG time after a good trip. This summer, a friend and I were tripping on acid for about 2 1/2 days though and we were mostly fine. Some of the things we did were stupid and afterward we felt like complete shit, but it was amazing and ridiculous none the less.

  16. He wins. I grew shrooms, and would trip twice a week or so. Anymore, and you'd have to eat more.

    It's like, you can blaze and function fine. I'm not so sure it would be easy talking to your boss while his face is morphing and twisting, and you're trying to NOT bust out laughing.

    You need like 8 hours with NO strings attached. It's tough for most people to do this.
  17. well, shit, travel down to full on south east ct....never hard to find:rolleyes:

    also, there was a time when i would trip all weekend...i could drive, i could talk, but i couldnt do anything important, i kinda stopped being a productive person those two days out of the week...ive since stopped trippin mostly
  18. You have to respect the shrooms. You don't take shrooms to get "fucked up". You do shrooms to open your mind and explore yourself. It takes a heavy toll on your mind and too much usage can cause you to become pretty "eraser head" like.
  19. You should start doing heroin everyday, why would you compare smoking everyday to doing shrooms everyday I don't understand.

  20. uuummm....id assume the word mushies comes from mushrooms...
    never tried em,but i saw my boy on em and that was enough for me to not try them.

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