If Marijuana was legalized, would you open a cafe?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Were ganja to be legalized, would you quit your current job in favor of opening up a cannabis cafe?

    Personally, I would consider it as a possibility for later on in life after I accomplish some of my current life goals. But yes, it would be great to set up a shop.

    Personally I would have it be very much like a fine coffee house. Probably actually serve decent coffee too! Like, specific types and high tech brewing. Teas and Mate from around the world. Fine pipe and rolling tobacco and cigarettes. A 1.70 foot bong on every table (ROOR preferably, but it'd be one hell of an investment). Each table approximately 1.5 feet off the ground with futons for sitting on. Fans and vents at the top. A wide screen tv sits on the wall with various films playing or the daily news perhaps.

    Security would have to exist in such a place unfortunately, but it would be worth the investment to realize something that nice. But yes, it's just a pipe dream, but whatever.
  2. whaaaaa? weeed is illegal? oh shit
  3. Hehe sounds like an idea man, I personally wouldnt open a cafe, I would love to open a headshop always have wanted to sense there are no good ones around here but more than likely it'll never happen hehe.
  4. I actually have the minimal idea of opening a Hooka/Oxygen bar in my area... seeing as how there are none around.

    So, I guess you could already say, I'm in the idea process of opening a Cafe... just not a ganj cafe... but if I COULD sell ganj, then you bet your happy ass I would. LoL
  5. I'd try to open up just like a pot store, basically like a good tobacco store but for weed. And I mean like a good tobacco store, like the kind with walk in humidors, lounge areas, tons of imports and exotic stuff like that.
  6. I'm three blocks away from one of those stores (tobacco)... it's really kool to just go in there, buy a nice cigar, they even have a guy in there that will handroll one for you, right in front of ya'.

    Then you can just sit in the big ass comfy chairs or couches in the front of the store, and just talk to the dude behind the counter.... real chill place.
  7. DUDES!!! in like five hours I'm going to one of those FINE tobacco shops. I'm so excited cuz I've finally decided to get some better equipment for handrolling!

    I'm going down there to get some RAW (unbleached, pure paper) rolling papers and some PureHemp (brandname) rolling papers. Some zig zag regular filters. AND my favorite rolling tobacco, DRUM (U.S. Version). And I'm getting a rolling machine! What's great is that those are all great products and overall I probably won't spend more than twenty bucks for what will end up being about 40 to 60 fine queen sized all natural, filtered cigarettes!!!

    BUT, I might also pick up a metal cigarette case that will accomodate my tobacco. Plus if they have a Zippo Slim, I might want to get one of those as well, which at that point will run me up to 30 to 40 bucks . . . meh, i'll consider those things, but the more important stuff is up in the previous paragraph, so whatever.

    EDIT: Lol, sorry, I'm kinda high, but I was just thinking that looking at my posts and my avatar on the forums must give you guys the impression that you're talking to a giant talking marijuana leaf . . . pfft lol

  8. Awesome. Back in HS a friend and I would go to a premium tobacco store, look around for a while, then buy the cheapest, crappiest cigars they had. I have no idea why we wasted our time looking at the other stuff, but some of the cigars they have were really neat. One was as big as my fore-arm.
  9. LoL yeah man. Although, some they have in the store near me are WAY, WAY too expensive.
    There was this one cigar... just one. 175 bucks. I was like... umm... no?
  10. I would definitely consider it, but I would have to start growing first.

    It also depends on the laws, too. I would like it if I could be a combination bar/herb cafe. I'd sell a some good drinks and some good ganja. I'd have a spot where you could live the good life; sit down, chill with a beer and smoke a bowl. I'd probably sell all kinds of pieces and stuff, too.
  11. dduuude...my friend and I, awhile ago, decided we were gonna move to Amsterdam and open up a "Bakery"...a place where you can go and get baked...and eat baked goods...we would sell pot brownies and all kinds of shit. I thought it was a fabulous idea! I'm totally gonna do it...
  12. You could make quite the hell of money

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