If marijuana became illegal..

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  1. He knows it's illegal, he just wanted to grab your attention... It's called a hook! :hello:

    Anyways, here is the real question: If marijuana became legal, what would the drug cartels do about it? Just let it go? He feels that it might be a little more complex than that. What do you guys think? :confused:
  2. why the fuck you keep saying he instead of i?
  3. I think "SWIM" is up too late.:cool:
  4. Fuck the cartels I would be doing this: :hello: :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke: :hello: :smoke::smoke: :cool:

    in that exact order
  5. This reminds me of the Progressive commercial with Brad.
  6. first of all, Cheech and Chong is classic
    secondly, I'm going to assume by "Legal" you mean controlled and regulated, well if that were the case I imagine Cartels would no longer make money smuggling into the US
    They would probably push other drugs at a higher rate
  7. wow you managed to piss me off by talking in third person
  8. They'd just start pushing their other substances in greater quantities, most likely. Also, why do you say "he". It comes off kinda creepy. :confused:
  9. Maybe because he is not I.

    Anyways, he feels that if marijuana would be "regulated and controlled" a lot of illegal immigration will happen. Maybe that might be one of the reasons the US would not like that.
  10. He is freakin me out
  11. Nothing. There are lots of other illegal substances, most of which are a butt load more expensive than marijuana. I think we'd see a lot more er....horses and ice cream around....if you get my drift :cool:

    They'd probably still have a medium sized market in underage users too.
  12. I think they'd push other drugs they already push but at a higher rate, if they even can since more people would smoke as opposed to doing other stuff. maybe?
  13. push other drugs or actually sell the weed at a cheaper rate than what the regulation does.

    people STILL sell cigarettes on the street believe it or not lol
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    I agree but isn't their weed cheaper than what growers here grow? Of course I'd imagine they'll start growing here more and more since it's legal. They they'd collectively grow weed and their stuff would get better and better.

    Edit: Their stuff would be just as good only more mass produced.
  15. Whats stopping people from growing their own and selling it for a lot cheaper than it is sold at the store? If anything they will make will be profit..
  16. I would guess that over time people would learn themselves and start growing their own stuff or getting some from their neighbors and friends, reducing the need for dealers little by little.

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