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If legalized..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 16, 2010.

  1. the government will still make its money from the marijuana industry without taxing bud. think of all the other things like edibles, drinks, tinctures, candy bars, seeds. whatever the fuck you can think of im sure theyll have a marijuana product for it (and a tax). as for the chemicals and shit, you get what you pay for. if you want cheap bud ittl be grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. if you want good bud then expect to pay a little more... or just grow it.

  2. Yeah that's wha I'm talking bout!!!

    The government is palnning on making money out o our beloved Mary Jane so I'll rather buy from my trustworthy dealers than get some fertilized goernment weed full of chemicals and not worth it

    and whoever said they were going to make all sort of stuff it's true I bet they are going to think of making all sorts of products
  3. Thats called addiction.
  4. i agree with you all the way. I have been thinking about this for about a year now. I think what they should do is just decriminalize it so that they dont sell it but if you caught with it you are not in trouble
  5. It should be decriminalized, not legalized.
    That way there is no punishment for having it, but there would be no stores selling it. It would be the same dealers dealing their weed.
  6. it saddens me to think about what would be done to our precious mary jane, theyde add nicoteine and a whole host of other chemicals, cheap mass growing and industrealzation, would suck so mutch ass.

  7. It's already decriminalized in most states.... Nothings changed.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. No they wouldn't, that's retarded. You can't just "add nicotine".
  10. legalize it because we could all smoke without the legal consequences, the benefits to the economy, medical bud, and if they do put some type of "chemical" in it i'll grow my own :~

  11. Trustworthy drug dealer?
  12. #32 Fenton Mewley, Mar 14, 2011
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    Your dealer is breaking the law, how is he trustworthy? :p

    If legalized, prices would GO DOWN. Dispensaries would open up, and there would be tons of growers trying to get paid from growing great weed.

    More supply = less price, even if they put a ridiculous tax on it.

    The reason there are tons of chemicals in most cigarettes is so they burn quicker. An American Spirits cigarette lasts at least twice as long as a Marlboro. By burning quicker, you buy more.

    Something similar might happen to weed, but it's not likely there would be a huge demand for laced weed.
  13. ^this

    Why does everybody assume "the government" will add chemicals like tobacco. First off, the government isnt the one adding chemicals to tobacco, you can blame the companies for that. The government is the reason tobacco companies cant even have commercials for their products. The government isnt really big tobaccos best friend. And the bigger point is that even if the companies growing the weed did add chemicals to it, there would always be an organic alternative, just like with every other product. Nobody would force you to smoke something you dont want to smoke

  14. Uhm, yes you can... They do that with cigarettes.. Each pack had more or less put into it so some gets you addicted faster and some have less so if you are addicted you buy more to get your "fix".
  15. Who gives a shit if some companies want to add chemicals to the bud they sell. That's not going to be the only thing on the market. You don't have to buy that crap.

    There will be plenty of organic shit to buy and not to mention you can grow your own.

    Prices would also drop considerably putting weed at a more realistic value than the current craziness people are paying today.
  16. If legalized, i hope the prices would be the same as to bread and rice. I don't get why we constatly put a prize tag on everything.

    No matter how much the goverment sells it for, there will always be some guy selling it cheaper - and untaxed too!
    If it became legal it would have to be cheap for the goverment, to get taxes on it. Katjing!

    The goverment would probably not make it legal. It's a matter of using this so called democracy, your voice and take some action in to it.

  17. I agree with everything except the price thing. I smoke ciggs, not nearly as much as I used to but when I do I try to only buy american spirits. They may cost 12-13 a pack but it'd rather smoke those than chemical garbage. But I don't think price will really change much if at all. Medical is legal in some states but there still tons of places that sell ounces for 320-420.

  18. The thing is, is that you want the legislation to grant ability for dispensaries. There's a bill that would only make state owned liquor shops to sell weed legally in WA. That's bullshit, and that's when govt has complete control.

    We want it completely legal, and to be able to grow and set up shops to sell. That's where the market forces will affect pricing.

    Governments won't legalize it for the sake of legalization. You will HAVE to propose and vote for bills that will completely legalize it for your state. The only way to get federal level legalization is if there are a lot of states that legalized.

    DEA wouldn't have the resources to incarcerate Washingtonians, Oregonians, Californians, Massachusettians(?), etc.

  19. well nicotine is a natural chemical in tobacco. Companies add other shit in there to add flavor AND other crap to help keep you addicted.
    I've heard that quitting straight up natural cigarettes is easier than the stuff with additives.

    But nicotine itself is natural. Unless they synthesize nicotine to put into cigarettes, that isn't happening. And even if they did synthesize it, why put it into cigarettes? it's just adding more of the same. It's like adding marinol to a hash brownie. Why do it?

    I don't smoke tobacco by the way...
  20. If it was legalized most people would take the time to have whatever the legally allowed garden limit would be.

    There'd probably be a way to get a commercial license to mass-produce, some would be good some would be cheap. Likely be like cigarettes, high-grade brands, cheaper brands. Probably also still come in the gram and all that. I could see state-run stores, kind of like liquor stores in WA, or just a 'herb license' that allows a business to sell. 21 and up, or 18 and up, whatever they decide. 18 and up would be better, give people a chance to mellow out on herb before being able to hit the bars up.

    Blessing and a curse. Could either put a lot of small growers out of business or perhaps a trade in high-grade organics would flourish.

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