If legalized what should the legal age to smoke marijuana?

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  1. If legalized what should be the legal age to smoke Marijuana? Explain your reason why you chose the age you did :)
  2. 18. Simply because everyone knows it would be safe for 18. I wouldn't care if they made it 21 though. But 18 makes just as much sense to me.

    Some 18 y\o's handle the smoke better than 21 y\o's so I think its hard to judge what age. This is why it should be 18.
  3. It should be 25, there are some very stupid people out there.
  4. I'm sure there are some pretty stupid 25 year olds out there too. Ranges of maturity are different from person to person. You can't label them in that way.
  5. In my opinion its 18, here is why:

    At 18 you can be drafted into the military.

    So, if our country thinks that we are mature enough to handle fighting a war and using weapons and stuff at 18, then we should be able to smoke or drink at 18. Thats my opinion. :smoking:
  6. 18. Legally you're an adult (no longer a minor) therefore you should make adult decisions. You face adult consequences if you do a crime. You can legally go into contracts (minors cannot). You can operate a motor vehicle. You are able to vote in elections. You are able to get married. You are able to gamble (lottery tickets included).

    You are free to make your own decisions. You and you alone are responsible for your actions, not your parents anymore. That's my opinion.

    But there are age limitions on many things. Car rentals, Hotel/Motel rent, Guns, Alcohol, required to be 21. So, mary jane may be 21. No big deal. There's always room to get around things, heheh.
  7. It'll be 21 when it happens. 18 would be preferable except at 18 you are usually a High School Senor. At 21 you usually don't hang out with anyone under 18. You make the legal age 21, it'll probably start being easy to get a hold of around age 18-19, when some older friends turn 21.

    But at 18, you may still hang out with (or be forced to spend time with) people as young as 14 on a regular basis. This would make it available to younger teens.

    Not that it would, but it would more so than if the legal age were 21.

    That's my 2 cents at least.
  8. When you graduate from high school acknowledging you understand the consequences and responsibilities of using weed. If you have no crime record for misuse of an intoxicating substance that hasnt been expunged, such as drinking and driving.

    My idea is that if you are a high school graduate, you may purchase (16 or 17 if you are smart or young). If you are 18, we cant stop you. If you are under 18, only indoors and private residences with parents permission with a dont ask, dont tell policy. If we dont know you smoke weed, and you go to school sober, then who gives a shit.

    Anyone who uses intoxicating substances in an irresponsible and dangerous way, should not be taking them. Designated driver or self -control, it doesnt matter, as long as they stay safe.
  9. I think it would be 18. If they let you buy cigarettes at 18, Herb shouldn't be any different.
  10. I think 18 is a good age, you are expected to be an adult and be responsible, then why can't someone at 18 be responsible about weed. I don't think it would be made 18 though, it will definitely be 21.
  11. Minimum age of 22 unless authorized by a doctor. Even at 22 our brains our developing and possible damage could ensue. But then again I also feel that the right to experiment with ones own conscious should be protected which leads me to say 18.

    22 is my answer though.
  12. Should be 18 will be 21.
  13. 18 . . . .
  14. But will an age restriction really do anything? Have you seen the overwhelming high school marijuana statistics? Its illegal right now- and these kids just don't give a fuck. They can slap "age 45+" on it and it still wouldn't matter. I'm shocked when I see kids as young as 10 smoking marijuana, and I don't agree with it. But they're doing it (younger and younger it seems) and they will continue, regardless of legality.
  15. true.

    It's 18 in Amsterdam and they seem to know what they're doing. It should be 18 here.
  16. 19 or 18 whatever tobacco is in your state
  17. 18. But they'll probably make it 21 cause of the drinking age and all.
    Here in sunny Holland you can buy a beer at age 16.
  18. Thirty then your truly and adult!
  19. nice grammar, mm. lol

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