If legal would you smoke more ,less or the same?

Discussion in 'General' started by STARTED2LATE, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Probably would smoke the same myself
  2. Most likely the same. I never smoke at or before work/work function everything else is fair game.
  3. The legal status of weed has no effect on my love for it.
  4. MORE!! More more more more more for sure, depending on the prices.
  5. The only way i could be smoking more is if legalization made it cheaper haha, i smoke as much as i can afford to atm and i dont think the price change would drastically alter my intake too much.... hahaha
  6. probably more... Blades... It's looking good here in cali... The margin is around 45% yes 40% no 15% Und.

    This means all us californains will get it before all yous guys!
  7. We all knew you would be first haha, were all WAITING on you on here in CO cause whatever cali does we are close behind in the footsteps!!!!! I'm wondering, if cali legalizes, obviously you will need an ID to purchase, would out of state ID's be a no go.... I can see them figuring that if they deny out of state...the weed will stay in the state...but it wont lol...Cause if they accept Colorado ID's im going to road trip to cali to buy my first non medical, legal sack hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes, we know, we're all waiting for you guys to get it first to create the domino effect.
  9. Probably the same since I smoke throughout the day for medicinal purposes and then later on when I don't have anything to do I smoke for recreational purposes as well, I doubt I'd smoke more since I already smoke as much as I need.
  10. well, I'm not sure, but I think it will probably start with only cali residents being able to "buy" it. But I don't see the problem in anyone else visiting here, and having a friend buy for you. Then again, I think if we let out of staters buy it, they would receive even more profit. The ideas are never ending... Who will distribute? Will it be like tobacco? Or will it stay within the dispensaries? We will see.

    Oh I will be here to tell you all. Unless I forget lol.
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    The same.

    Actually, no. If I could go out and smoke, like in the Dam, I'd obviously smoke more. And wouldn't drink any alcohol. :D

  12. I would only drink alcohol if it was everclear, made into a heavy tincture HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  13. Depends on the factors, but I think overall, I'd be smoking more.

    I'm living in Texas right now, so I'm smoking half an ounce monthly because of price/legal status/finding high quality weed.

    Next year, I'm moving to Boulder, Colorado, where I know I can qualify for medical. I'll probably smoke more, but only like an ounce a month roughly (my own stoner projections).

    If it were legal, the amount I smoke would depend heavily on the price. Let's say I can get a pack of Marlboro Greens:)D) for roughly $30, or a carton for under $300 after taxes. That's equated out to 20 joints a pack and 200 joints a carton. That's about an ounce a pack and 10 oz. a carton. Do that math compared to figures you catch in High Times or in your area. Ten ounces of cheeba for $300 is something I can hardly pass up, and those will probably last me a month, two months tops.

    * My above "legal weed" figures come from an article in High Times (or Skunk, I was too fucking high to remember the mag:smoke:)called "The $38 Ounce," where the RAND Drug Policy Research Center forecasted a price drop in weed down to $38 an ounce if legalized. RAND | News Release | Legalizing Marijuana in California Would Sharply Lower the Price of the Drug
  14. Same, just in different ways.

  15. Ditto :smoke:
  16. Yeah same here I wouldn't have to take over the top precautions driving an ounce of dried flowers from 1 place to my place. I could just put it in my pocket.
  17. lmao....lets just saaaay..i'd be the first to overdose hahahaha
  18. Let me be the first to say good luck to you, have a bag of chips ready, a refreshing beverage, and a comfortable blanket and pillow after you smoke a quarter oz, because at that point you will melt into a deep dreamless sleep.
  19. haha. yeah, I'll probably smoke hella when it passes, but future wise probably not a whole lot more than what I smoke now. More, but not too much more.
  20. dude... Every day i would have a blunt right next to my bed, I would light one everyday .

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