If Jesus were President on 9-11...

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  1. OK, I know it's a silly scenario, but I was looking at all these 9-11 memorials going on today, and I keep hearing so-called christians speaking, but none of them are saying anything like the quotes I was just reading, from the Sermon on the Mount.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of god

    Love your Enemies, as you love yourselves

    Turn the other cheek

    So, on 9-11, I guess my question is why our nation is trying to do the opposite, when all of our present leadership is claiming to be so righteous, and claiming to be christian?

    If Jesus gave a speech today, would he say the Beatitudes applied? Or is Jesus just "pre-9-11 thinking"?
  2. well for 1 theres alot of sheep out there that do whatever they are told, so bush can say war and everyone will follow. the people all have their banks accounts and tv so why would they say anything.

    as for our leadership being christian. i think bush and friends lack any form of godliness. they follow the orgnization of church, which is quite different from what it means to have faith of anykind.
  3. No doubts about the lack of Bush godliness, but why are so many so-called christians filled with this bloodlust, this desire to 'even the score'? If Jesus were president, wouldn't he have taken a more Jimmy Carter type of approach to the problem? So why not Bush?

    I apologize for making this thread sound like its only for americans, but I noticed that none of the other nations who lost citizens in the attacks went out and attacked, toppled governments in, and set up for a long seige in two countries that had nothing to do with the actual event.

    How can any christians be duped into agreeing with this? Are they just sheep, or are they wolves in sheep's clothing? ( also a quote from the sermon on the mount )
  4. Well Jesus said a lot of things that can be interpreted differently, like "love your enemies, as you love yourselves" however to become a disciple he says you must "hate your father and hate your mother."

    So I can't say I really have a solid opinion on how Jesus would react.

    I can't say for sure how Jesus would react. If you read just the Sermon at the mount and such you'll see things that I can see where you're coming from, but if you look at where all his teachings come from as a whole you may not be able to find solid ground. Atleast, I know I can't.

    I in no way favor what Bush is doing or anything his administration has done post 9/11, but I don't know how Jesus would've reacted.
  5. Well according to my calculations Jesus never existed and all Christians are crazy, evil, delusional, mindless sheep so that is a logically impossible scenario. So theres no room for comment.
  6. Does that crazy, evil, delusional, mindless part apply to Dr. Martin Luther King? I ask because he's kind of a hero of mine, even though we have differing religious beliefs, I think he was brilliant, so I'm not following your logic.

    My question is obviously hypothetical, so any comments are good, we'll make room for them!
  7. Jesus couldn't be president because he was brown. Also, he said Blessed are the Cheesemakers, not peacemakers, so there goes that.
  8. w00t! I'm glad you finally figured it out! :)
  9. I could'nt agree with your more completly. I mean, we have "In God We Trust" on the dollar bill, and we're promoting war. I dont think highly of brainwashed sheep christians, who kill in the name of the Lord, to try and justify it.

    BAHH!! :eek:

    Sad, but true.
  10. Life of Brian, funny movie!

    So you're not feeling the Obama fever yet?

    Of course Jesus did have the moneychangers in the temple to fall back on for campaign contributions...oh what? He threw them out? Shit, he's never going to get votes like that!

    I would love some nice peaceful cheese, I gotta go make a sandwich. MMMMMMMM, gouda!
  11. Jesus/God/Religion is just another political tool that can be rendered easily into a facade to become self-righteous. You can't argue against a side that has God backing it up! Unless of course you got Allah on your side, which seems to be the case.
  12. Obama is half white half black, which at least gives him a snowballs chance in hell. Barack the vote!

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