If Jesus smoked weed

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  1. If it became a well-known, undisputed FACT that the founder of a major religion was on some sort of drug at the time of their revelation, do you think that:

    a.) the religion would become less popular
    b.) that drug would become more popular
    c.) both.

    I personally wouldn't have an issue with it, although I can't really say because I don't belong to any organized religion. Your thoughts?
  2. many people would freak out, chaos would follow, and i would sit back and laugh :p
  3. You can only guess at the details, but somehow millions would wind up killed.
  4. god would appear and say "nay"
  5. well he was "high" on a cross

    all the ladies loved him, cuz he was so well hung.
  6. they would change the religous symbol to a cannabis leaf :)

    "no offence"

  7. haha that's bad.....

    but funny :smoke:
  8. LOL!!! HAHAHAHAHA nice :p funny shit man, we are all burnin in hell :D
  9. i dont know about the find out about the maker being a stoner but if God was a stoner we would have all kinds of messed up like platapuss... oh wait we all ready do
  10. Theres a weird al song call What If god smoked cannabis
  11. +rep

    comedy in truth.
  12. That would never be proven, ever. Even if it was the most undisputable evidence was right in front there for eveyone to see, there would be a major cover up.

    Just like in the bible it says not to get drunk, but there are many tales of people drinking wine. People drank wine all the time because it was easier to get than water. With evidence like that don't you think it is logical that at one point christ did get intoxicated?

    But people argue... wine wasnt the same back then, it wasn't as strong. Or that the wine they talk of in the bible didn't contain ANY alcohol. Ive heard it all, because Ive asked many religious people, but no one will give a straight answer.

    I bet even if jesus himself came down on a cloud, in the middle of time square, at midnight, on new years eve, smoking a joint, and told everyone that marijuana was the best drug in the world, and it would do all these great things for you, people would still say that jesus would never toke chronic.
  13. i bet he ate it. just as we all did, for decagenerations. symbiotic relationship, co-evolution for longer than we have been writing history books.

    mankinds best friend. and i bet "jesus's" too.

    he certainly was "anointed" with the oil from cannabis from all the evidence i have seen.

    ps, thats alot of betting i just did. ;)
  14. Think of it this way, Jesus drank wine. Wine was very popular back then and is today. The Catholics adopeted it into their religion. So if he did smoke weed and it was a well known fact as wine, marijuana most likely would be apart of most religions today and wouldnt have the bad image it has.

  15. so true.
  16. Jesus didnt found any religion.he simply preached.if Jesus did do drugs then he probably wouldnt BE Jesus.EXPLANATION: Jesus did no harm to his body,firmly believing it was a sacred temple.it also says in the bible that God and man are one.God is almighty and sinless so why would Jesus liken God to a drug user?he wouldnt ofcourse.it also says in the bible never letyour body grow dependent on things it does not need(drink not to get drunk,and with the same with drugs)....theres a laundry list of reasons why we all know for certain that he didnt do drugs. if it were ok to use and the rules changed on the subject and he did decide to use i dont think it would have been important enough for him to talk about it in the bible or to anyone so we still would never know if he did.

    id be scared to ask people what they think would happen if jesus did things that were wrong.im sure thats abomination in some degree.

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