If its 2ND hand CHECK IT FIRST!

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    I recently purchased some electricals of a person, one thing I didnt do was to check it before running it. This is bad because it can start fires or damage your setup. Maybe even electrocution in the worst case!

    I found this all out after trying to find out why my bulb was flickering and acting strange. wouldnt start up properly, not at the proper lumens. It really screwed my bulb. I have ordered another one luckily! :D


    Mind you I got a small shock when I unplugged my Ballast the other week. JUST BE CAREFUL.

    My 600W ballast had dodgy wiring. This is what it looked like:


    I had an extra ballast that had the plug smashed on it from the previous owners. So what I did was took the plug on leed from the farked ballast and put the connections back as so.


    I also connected te power to the Ballast by 15A rated connectors I had laying around. No electrical tape on this Hot Mumma. IT MELTS haha..

    Hopefully someone sees this and stops a potential problem before it happens.

    And if you have the time, come and stop by my grow! :p
    Cheers. :smoke:
  2. Damn bro. Glad u caught that before something bad happened.
  3. Exactly what I thought, I should have checked sooner.
    I was too caught up in all the shiny things to make me happy for the rest of my life.

    But it really goes to show what can happen or whats waiting under that cover!
    Cheers for the post!
  4. We all get caught up in things that look great. Then we learn just cause it glitters, don't make it gold.
    Don't feel bad you are not the only one to make the same mistake I have made similar and so had at least 100% of Te world. The good thing is now we learned without any real fallout. And you still got one hell of a deal even without that ballast.
  5. It's actually funny you put this thread up.... I'm building my own grow box and the other day I planning out the electrical parts with my cousin who happens to be an electrician and it occurred to me if I had to truly do it by myself I would be so worried that I fked something up it would take away from the happiness in the grow...... Big word of advice from past experience make sure everything is unplugged and there is no water on the ground and what not before you start playing with wires..... Bad things happens otherwise
  6. Shady electrical work has burnt down a many a house. If you are not going to properly, and safely construct your grow room, don't grow. Good post to remind us all of the hidden dangers in growing.
  7. I'm lucky to have access to an electrican who burns trees and is willing to help..... We have been taking step by step pictures and once were all done with everything I'm gonna put up a thread helping others properly set up their electrical..... Like you said todder it's important for the threat of fires and with fires come cops, we don't want that..... But equally as important is energy use. If your sht is not properly set up your gonna use more energy than you need and that will throw up flags for ur energy company which could lead to problems down the road not to mention make it more expensive to grow

    My set up is only running
    6 bulbs
    2 comp fans
    1 carbon filter fan combo
    1 or 2 timers
    And finally one little air filter thing that I don't think will work but doesn't hurt to try......

    I wasn't worried about anything but the lights and it seems from most of the posts I've seen that the hardest part to wire up
  8. I built a small shelf like thing to set my ballast on outside the grow room and keep a small 4 inch fan on it to keep it cool. So I keep nothing within 4 feet of my ballast. Accept the fan.
  9. Also every time you see a fire on the news started by a grow room it gives us all a bad rep. Until we can prove we can do this safely,and clean we aren't going to get the legalization we want. Not to mention big business, and pharmecutical companies.
  10. It's actually stories like that which are keeping me from mh and hps lights I have been told from people on gc that the heat they give off is incredible considering..... I don't really wanna have to out another fan in to cool the lights, cfl get hot but it's nothing compared to the other ones.....

    And the rep we get is from people who grow to sell..... I'm sorry if I offend anyone but it's true, those who gts have HUGE set ups with big lights and alot of faulty wiring.... Just last night I saw a thread where a guy out pics of his wiring everything was thrown into fkin surge protectors..... That's not smart it's just waiting to have a problem... I'm not saying surge protectors don't work but this dude had no joke like 10 or more and easily 5000w worth of lights.... If everyone would just grow for themselves and leave the garbage dealing to the mex cartels the fight wouldn't be against us it would be between the gov and the cartels...... Until people get smart and don't try and big league everyone else were not gonna get anywhere..... I dream of a time where I'll be able to smoke with my future children, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for it hah
  11. I totally agree with you jerseygiant. However the economy we live in isn't helping either. I have never before thought of growing for profit. However now that I have been laid off for a year, and unable to find another job. ( I am a carpenter by the way.) I am seriously considering going for it. It's the only way I can think of to put money in my pocket. Especially since my unemployment is about to run out. Just a product of the messed up society I live in.
  12. [quote name='"todderfran"']I totally agree with you jerseygiant. However the economy we live in isn't helping either. I have never before thought of growing for profit. However now that I have been laid off for a year, and unable to find another job. ( I am a carpenter by the way.) I am seriously considering going for it. It's the only way I can think of to put money in my pocket. Especially since my unemployment is about to run out. Just a product of the messed up society I live in.[/quote]

    That sux bro. I feel your pain I am going on 14 months no job and no unemployment and it hurts. The only reason I don't grow to sell is that I feel that it increases your chance of getting caught. To much chance for exposure to police. In my younger dumber days I was selling some hard drugs and did it for years with no problem. Then someone got popped and let the cops right to me so they can run free. Just be careful if it's what you choose. I have been able to get by, not great but get by finding odd work. There is a set of skills you have that is unique to you. Find a way to use that, you are a carpenter, approach people who have a need for work. Possibly house repairs. I built someone a new wooden fence a few months back. It's just a good way to live and not compromise your freedom our cause and your morals if that is not something you really don't want to do. After I got raided and just by chance I was out of everything but 3 oz of weed. I got lucky and only got a little baby charge, not the beast that I would have had the next day if they would have waited. I swore off dealing of any kind again. I will not even middle man a friend a sack now. My promise to God
    Good luck though bro
  13. cheers for the repsonse!

    I love my HID, the heat is manageable. The ballasts do get got, I have some fans running on mine to cool it.

    Yeah ive done a bit of electrical work in my time, Brother being fully qualified. But i wasnt thinking at the time, but i caught the problem before it became a nightmare.

    Im only doing it for myself. I hate giving my money to someone that just wants to make a profit of everyone. its always shit too and high price. i'd do better at home.
  14. I totally hear you Gratwhitehype. Trust me I am not new to this. I am 32 now and seen more than could ever wish. Friends being murdered, over doses, and my own crazy opiate addiction. And trust me I hate people who grow for profit. Gives us all a bad name. And I do plenty of work on the side. Doing all these little $200 and $300 jobs just don't cut it. I am not saying I am def gonna go big, but I have seriously been working out a plan for doing one large run and walking away. Honestly prob. won't. Could just be my frustration talking. Anyhow good luck to all out there in everything you do.

  15. Yeah man, my parents kicked me out when i was 14, had to put myself thru school and make my own way. took me 3 years to get off the streets. Addicted to ice for 2 years, and now i appreciate so much for what I have! even tho, 1 big deal to set you for life. always thought about it, but you always keep asking the same question... is it worth it?

    I do anyways.

    Hopefully this thread helps someone thats just getting into it. To make us alot more reputable. Cheers for the posts guys!
  16. Really prob. not. Just make me greedy.
  17. hmmm, and greed is the downfall of most dealers... unless your smart, but even then Murphys law would probs come out from behind a rubbish bin and do you over! hahah

  18. See, and now some simple friendly conversation has bassically changed my mind. Thanks guys for making me think of it from a different view. Sometimes that's all we need.
  19. Your welcome!
    I love to be open minded, it helps understand others as much as myself.
    To take someones opinion and look at it in their point of view is really something many normal people cant grasp. :D
  20. I understand that the economy is in the tanks and I feel it too.....I'm 20 and I watched my family fall apart because the economy went to sht.... My parents got divorced and everything went south for me..... I had a scholarship to play college baseball in north Carolina my tuition was payed in full by my scholarship but I left after my 1st semester cause I couldn't deal with my mom crying over worrying about making ends meet financially..... So I came home and now I give my mom money every month to cover things she can't...... We all have our problems but dealing will not solve them in the long run... Sure your gonna get some quick money but is it worth worrying every time ur in the car and a cop is behind you, or every time a van is on your street?

    Please understand I'm young nd very opinionated, we all need to make our own decisions for ourselves but I would hate to see someone turn to the dark side of the bud and get locked up.... I watch the news and read the paper it only takes one person gettin busted.... With the economy the way it is the cops are pullin over a record number of people so they too can make ends meet.. The odds of gettin busted now are higher than ever

    If your that strapped for money I'll give you a website tht can help... The website has legit as Fck dre beats and other electronics for mad cheap, I have gotten shit on the site nd have made no joke 1000% profit from doin it... Pm me and I'll give it to you... You may decide you don't wanna do it but I mean at least it's another option... Between eBay and Craigslist you'll make the money dude trust me

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