If it moves - KILL IT!

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  1. Liveleak is a terrible website (content-wise).
  2. with its long history of starting wars and dropping bombs all over the fucking place, its no wonder the U.S. has a bad rep.

  3. True, if I could -rep the US government, I would.
  4. I don't see where you're coming from with this... it's war.
  5. he's british. they are just pissed that their military is shitty and they can't do shit about it.
  6. haha/thread.:devious::devious:
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    EH? only because the USA says so ! ok... The serbian leader was taken to Den Haag for war crimes, SAME THING HERE.

    G.W.Bush is a criminal and should be treated the same.

    USA, the only country to use NUCLEAR bombs on defenseless servillians. ALSO.. Killing innocent Muslims just because they have a gun. Should that NOT be turned round. Like when the US had floods and they arrested US citizens for defending there property.
  8. haha, we dont kill people just because they have a gun. THE U.S.A. DO and continue to kill innocent people..
  9. if i was in a place where there are suicide bombings everyday (even women now), roadside bombings, and terrorists a plenty, i'd probly do the same. hopefully Barack Osama will change things. We'll look at that change the b to a s he's a terrorist, crafty jihaders but i found you like wheres waldo.
  10. If you take from people, they will take from you any way they can. Be thankful they cannot INVADE the USA like the USA have invaded IRAQ.

    I would do the same if I had to. WOULD YOU!
  11. i know they can't, thats why US= ballin UK = lollygaggers :hello:

  12. Man you are so wrong and misinformed.

    I don't even want to get into Japan really because thats another arguement. Is that serviettes or civilians?

    Who are these innocent Muslims? The Taliban? The Iraqis? The Afghans?

    If someone had a gun pointed at you Im sure you would kill them also. You should be defending your troops.
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    If only you had some idea of the crimes the USA commit, just think about it for 1 minute.

    KILLERS and thefts from humanity, nothing less.

    Watch the VIDEO, kill Kill Kill, just because I have a gun.

    Come to my country and kill me because I have a gun...
  14. ^ he's one of those uk lollygaggers, not american, misinformed lollygagger

    hopefully lollygagger is a hate slur in the UK,
  15. If I was American, I would be SO SO ashamed of my nation for what I have done.
  16. You realize the UK Forces are in Iraq also?

    If you don't know what you're talking about keep your mouth shut.
  17. YES, I do and for that I am DISGUSTED, but we don't have the online footage depicting the crimes against humanity the USA do..

    DISGRACEFUL is the only word I can come up with. IT'S TOTALLY WRONG, can you not see that....
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    I've seen photos of US soldiers posing over what are most likely murdered civillians the way one would pose in a picture taken after hunting large game, videos of them murdering random, innocent people then laughing about it and others depicting them driving like maniacs, swerving between lanes and almost running down pedestrians/crashing into other vehicles and calling everyone else "inbred, camel-fucking retards" for not getting out of their way. And yet, hardly anything is being done about this kind of bullshit.
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    I love these fucking videos. infra-red gunship videos are fascinating to me. And really, I dont think this is the reason the USA has a bad rep... I think it has more to do with being a nation full of fat, drunk, pigheaded racists who are as patriotic as they are xenophobic.

    ...not you guys, yall are tight. But the rest of those fuckers...:(

    Fuck you. Seriously. In the ass, with pine cones. You have no right to judge those men.
    Meant to neg rep you but I forgot to check the 'neg' box. So, I hope another healthy FUCK YOU suffices. that is definitely in the top 5 most ignorant posts ive ever read here, counting THC worms and faxing acid.

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