if im using GH Flora Series' General Hydroponics 32oz Quarts Trio Flora Micro Flora Grow Flora Bloo

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  1. how i can i get 1 pound from each plane if that possible please tell me how ?
  2. lol. Lighting more lighting . 10 gallon pots. Veg three foot tall flower it . Prey that your genetics want to produce .
    16 zips per plant sure you need 400 watts or true led over the top of the plant to pull that much .
    Your better to do many smaller plants 1 foot veg tops pull 4 each plant easily .edited .
    not 3 foot veg .4 foot veg suggested. follow the directions on the back of your bottle or buy a ppm meter understand your in an advanced chat. If you new go to the proper location
  3. ok cool thanks whats the best way to feed the plants ?
  4. What is your medium?
  5. The performance of a plant is 99.9% due to the aptitude of the grower -

    World class pumpkin growers don't grow the biggest baddest 2500pound pumpkins because of seed genetics or lighting...its experience....

    Indoors - every amazing advanced cannabis grower started as a newb pulling 1-2oz per plant....
  6. 3 gallon pots
  7. I repeat.......what is your medium?
  8. he is hypothesizing, Mick........

    There is no spoon. - Neo
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  9. 3 gallon pots
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  10. Dude........I didn't ask what size pot. :rolleyes:
    I asked what medium.........soil, coco, peat moss, dwc?
    Nobody can tell you about feeding until you tell us more about your grow.
  11. coco my bad bro
  12. Coco basics:
    Feed daily to substantial run off........feed twice a day to run off in flower.
    Never give plain water.
    Never let the coco dry out.
    I highly suggest you do some research if you're unfamiliar with coco........www.cocoforcannabis.com.
    Here's a feeding chart you can use for the GH Flora Series.
    Good luck.
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  13. The recipes from GH are WAY too hot.
    There are good recipes from CocoForCannabis.com but they are a bit light.
    When I used to run GH, found that about half way between the two recipes was best.
    Here are the recipes I used to use.
  14. All you really need are the Micro and the Bloom to grow healthy plants.
    I use GH MaxiBloom from start to finish and my only additive is silica.........no grow and no expensive additives
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  15. What about Devin?

    Ya...well what about L.U.C.A.S.
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  16. How dare you run his name thru the mud! and using oil! hmph!!

    Google says the following
    The Lucas Formula derives from a man named Lucas who participated in online forums for growers who use hydroponics/soil-less growing. His nutrient feeding regime quickly became widely recognized and spread like wild fire

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