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If im buying weed at 20 a gram what should the other proces be

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stephes123, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. All I know is 1/8=$60
    How bout 1/2, 1/4, and o's
  2. A quarter will be around $100-110, and an O should be from $300-320
  3. The prices I generally pay are as follows:
    1G - $20
    1/8 - $50
    1/4 - $90
    1/2 - $170
    1OZ - $300

    Obviously +/- a bit depending on dealer relationship and quality.
  4. The other day I picked up some stuff that my guy was selling 30/60. Got a quarter for $80. So a half eighth would be 30, eighth would be 60. But asking about weed prices on a public forum always turns into a pissing contest
  5. Depends on your region.

    Most places will be $10 per gram. However, I have heard stories here of grams being sometimes $20 or more each, depending on region and quality.

    In WA State, usually people will pay no more than $220 an ounce and no more than $120 a half ounce. If it ever exceeds $120 a half ounce, it is either for good medical quality bud or someone is trying to rip you off. Always make sure you pick up from dealers who know their ish, and if you buy a dub and don't feel that high after any of your sessions, do not buy any more from the dealer who sold it to you.

    Good luck.

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