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If If Making Butter, Is There A Point to Drying Buds?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Seven Wishes, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. I just recently harvested my first plant ever, and have the branches with the buds hanging to dry. From what I have read, much of the reason for proper drying/curing is to smooth out the smoking of the stuff, but I am wondering: If this pot is going to be used for making cannabutter, is there any real point to drying and curing it, or could I simply just jump to making the butter right away? Would anything in particular be lost from that?

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. did you grow dank?

    Either way let it cure for a.few days. It really does matter.
  3. I forget what strain the plant is (was?), but it is a quality strain from a medical collective. A lot of people here would be aghast that it isn't going to be smoked, but I can't smoke...major issues with bronchitis and asthma, and the plant genuinely is meant for medicinal reasons rather than just to tune out.

    I'm not in a huge hurry or anything to use the harvest, but just wondered if curing mattered much in the case of edibles, since of course 99.99% of the reading out there is about prepping the harvest for smoking, not eating, and the guides for making edibles always assume you are working from dried pot you've gotten someplace else rather than your own plant.
  4. Well i see the major problem is that the buds have alot of water weight on them now so when you go to make your butter you're going to have a watery butter mixture. So in my mind i see your butter will be less potent if you do this, i may be wrong though.
  5. To make butter previously, I have used dried pot, butter, and water in the pan. I've let that simmer for a time, then strained it and poured the liquid/fat into a container. The fat with the active ingredients rises to the top and solidifies, while the water stays on the bottom. Separate the two, and you have your butter. Since the dried plant is getting rehyrdrated anyway, I was wondering if the drying initially made any difference. :cool:
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    Wait what? When I make my butter, I use 3 qts of water, and add a lb of butter to the water. So the water in the buds is going to make no difference since the butter is already in 3 qts of water. There will not be a watery mixture because when you refrigerate the solution after straining the weed out, the butter solidifies at the top, and the water does not, so you have just butter in the end.

    To the OP, the link below does not apply to butter, but in this thread, he uses undried fresh bud. So maybe it can also be applied to butter.


    I use dried bud, because I have read that to get the most surface exposure the bud should be grinded up as fine as possible. So I grind and ounce up in my grinder, then again in a coffee grinder, and get almost a powder. I would not be able to do that with fresh bud. But there are other ways of making butter, so maybe it can be done with fresh bud.

  7. curing is very important even for cooking. Just wait the 5-7 days cook with it after its cured.

    not before it will not be as potent.
  8. Thanks for the advice, all!
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    Yeah you have to let it cure or else all your cannabinoids are carboxyl cannabinoids and wont get you high

    search decarboxylation on these boards. I can't believe I'm the first post to mention decarbing...smh at you guys.
  10. Again, thanks for the tips. I did read in that post/thread about decarboxylation, and while it looks and sounds good, and you can't argue with results, that original poster throws himself into question with me when he states that you should be eating mostly saturated fats in your diet...ummmm...it's exacty the opposite. Saturated fats are what kill you through the slow death of fast food. Granted, we're not here for nutrition class, but that being stated threw the rest into question for me.
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    Well, think again. Sat fats are the safest fat. What do you think we have subsisted on for millenia? Fruit, nuts, rice, and vegetable oil? I bet you think polyunsaturated fats are the safest? LMFAO.

    I don't care if you don't find me and my method credible. It's obviously your loss, oh and by the way aren't you here trying to get your information straight? WTF do you think you know about decarbing and infusing that I don't? And about macronutrients for that matter. :rolleyes:

    Saturated fats are what kill you through the slow death of fast food.

    Man, you just owned yourself. :p Did you mean trans fats? Or did you mean carbs? Haha. Saturated fat is in all animal fat, along with monounsaturated which is also good for you. Coconut and palm oil are the only oils I know of that have saturated fat as thier majority. Monounsaturated fat containing foods are safe too. Polyunsaturated fats are in our bodies and have been eaten significantly less than they are now, with vegetable oil. Think about it. I'll even break it down for you, the safest oils in order:

    Suet (beef fat), lard (pork fat) and all animal fats. Half saturated half monounsaturated, less than 10% polyunsaturated

    Second Best:
    Those with majority monounsaturated and low levels of polyunsat. Avocado, Olive, Peanut, some (not all) nuts have a majority of monounsaturated fat, which is less than ideal, but still better than these next choices

    Absolute worst:
    Rapeseed, canola, sunflower, safflower, some nuts, seeds, fish (fish are exteremly lean), algae, leafy greens, and krill are high in polyunsaturated fats.

    The greater the degree of unsaturation in a fatty acid (i.e., the more double bonds in the fatty acid) the more vulnerable it is to lipid peroxidation (rancidity).

    Atherogenesis = Athersclerosis = CHD = Heart attack

    At least one study in mice has shown that consuming high amounts of polyunsaturated fat (but not monounsaturated fat) may increase the risk of metastasis in cancer patients.

    So how am I not credible? Although, I don't really care if you prefer vegetable oil to animal fat. You probably also think millions of years ago all the fruits in the supermarket existed as they do now.

    For the uninformed:

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    Paleo...I did not mean to step on your toes. If I did, which it seems pretty clear that I did, apologies. I totally respect and believe the results from the process described in that other thread/post about preparing the plant.

    As far as the fats issue goes, yes, if one model's one's diet and eating habits exactly along the model of primal man, then yeah, that plan works, but 99.99% of people can't or won't do that. What you're suggesting is one of those ultra low carbohydrate diets. For most people, however, who don't follow a strict regimen of measuring out portions and carbs vs fats, I stand behind the general rule that fats with low saturation, such as olive oil, are a wiser choice. We are programmed to crave fats and sweets because long long ago it was difficult to get such things in the diet, and so when we did, it lit up those pleasure centers in the brain and in the mouth. Nowadays, with everything waiting for us on the store shelf, most people take in far too many calories and far too much fat, sugar, carbs, everything. If you are dedicated enough to maintain such a regimen, more power to you!

    Of course, the irony in all this is I originally asked about how to deal with making cannabutter, when butter is a high in saturated fat lipid product! ;)

    In any case, apologies for any offense taken...it was not intended in that way at all. Peace.
  13. No hard feelings man, I just get peeved when people tell me that saturated fat is dangerous, and that I shouldn't be suggesting the comsumption of it.

    Sometime's I'm too passionate, get carried away and don't think before I write so abrasively.

    You should see, people on the fitness and nutrition board here don't really like me, either! :p

    I'll plus rep you for reading all my blathering last post.

  14. Haha were always so high off the oil its hard to think twice :-D
  15. Haha, like I always say, sometimes when you're high you can't control where your thoughts, or in this case where your rant, goes. :p

    PM either of us any time for help Seven Wishes. liek omg we liek u lolz. :D
  16. I salute you! :D

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