If i wrote a book...

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 11, 2006.

  1. ...or short couple page story about my life, would you read it if i posted up a link to it? cuz my life got alot of crazy shit that happened, haha yall would probably skip to the chapter about the drug use because none of you care about my other shit, but i'm just curious as to who would read it, because alot of people tell me i should write a book

    so theres the poll, vote mothafucka!

    edit: also how would you prefer i write it, chronologically or just in little subject chapters like drugs, violence, illegal activity, etc.
  2. I'd definitely read it....i think it's really interesting to hear the background people came from and how it's affected them.
  3. i'll wait for the movie to come out on dvd.
  4. I'd read it in a second man. You do, in fact, have a crazy life.
  5. chornoligical order.. show how u changed over years because of cirtan experiences ..
  6. I'd give it a read.

    I voted "fuck your life motherfucker" just because i wanted to. haha.

  7. Haha you read my mind:hello:
  8. yeah i'd read it neg, you always got crazy shit going on...you and KSR
  9. The real question is; would you read MY book?
  10. hahaaha:hello:
  11. Sure would! You are a man of mystery....the people demand information!! :wave:
  12. i'd give it a good skim :smoke:
  13. Fuck your life!

    Nah, just kidding, i'd read it in a heart beat, love reading interesting auto-biographies. Chronological if you ask me.
  14. as long as I'm in it... haha j/k. :hello::smoking:
  15. i'd read it, i really think you should start writing it.

    write it in chronological order, it'd be simplest and best.

    I've always wanted to write a book on my life, like the past 5 years or whatever it's been really hasn't been too exciting, just lots of irresponsible drug use, and my childhood would be extremely short as i remember very little. so either i'm going to have to wait for more to happen, or fuck the whole idea of ever having a book.

    but write it. now. go take some speed, smoke some rocks, do what you do, and stay up for a couple days writing so we can see it already.
  16. haha dude yeah, you are one crazy, sick man
  17. put in chapters, easier for us stoners to read
  18. 420 chapters to be exact.
  19. cuz old fogies like you have that much to tell about life huh :laughing:
  20. I'd read it if you are good with words. Im pretty new here, and a few older members have said you have lead an intresting life, so I guess I would read it if you can tell it well.

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