if i were simple in the mind, everything would be fine

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  1. it started when i was like in 6th grade, my mind is differnt than most people. i would think too much about life and people and if its real. i have to smoke weed everyday to keep my mind off it, the herb helps me accept myself for who i am. but when i sit down and think about life i feel so alone like its all in my head and its really hard to explain unless you think the same way i do. the sad thing is that this all happend because my mom did alot of acid when she had me. but i learn to except this and i tell myself i just get to expiernce more in life than most people.
  2. It's unlikely that this is directly related to your mom having done acid, but I definitely understand what you're going through; I had/have the same issue, I pretty much just don't relate to people, and it seems plausable a lot of the time that I'm making everything up.

    Whether you're inventing life or life's inventing you, you're still here and you don't know any acceptable/worthwhile ways out, so you should at least try to enjoy it and do something good with it.

  3. Damn, your signature reminds me of Boards of Canada album artwork.
  4. yea man i enjoy it as much as i can, but somtimes i just cant. and i love talking to people most of the time and just making them happy, but i just dont relate to people except for my brother, he has my same problem. but thanks for sharing man.

    and if your bored heres a song you might like [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKD2EWLKcNU"]YouTube - KID CUDI- MAN ON THE MOON[/ame] it can be a downer, but if you accept it, you wont feel so alone.

  5. They're a Japanese band called Boredoms; they used to make noise/punk/rock type random awful shit and now they make really intense tribal space rock

    If you eat mushrooms download their album vision creation newsun (or Super Æ if you feel particularly ballsy) and check it out.
    It's really long winded so beware. Lots of time lapses and circles and ...strange arrangements...

    well worth it.

    relating to people is hard but the best way I've found is to just have a persona that you present to people based on how you'd like to be presented if you were playing yourself (because you are)

    If you don't relate to some one don't stress it, you're not forced to have any level of relationship with anyone unless you want to (excluding, of course, jobs), just keep doing what you're doing and that's really all there is to it.

    Of course, I often to wish I were ignorant because ignorance is bliss
    but I'm not
  6. Yeah, I think losing innocence = growing older. Not taking innocence = growing wiser and more compassionate = the Way (Tao).
  7. I know exactly how you feel

    I think to deeply into things and tend to inflame situations in my head when there not a big deal

    It sux but everybody has there problems, It's life. You have to just make the best of it

  8. word

    Honestly the older I get the less I smoke weed on a constant (bi-hourly) basis the more I start to realize how much weed actually amplifies these attitudes in the long run, at least when used constantly.

    It's lame, but it makes sense if only in the way that, instead of using the analytical power of weed -- as an analytical tool -- and experiencing most of the situations you'd normally be sitting and analyzing, stoned as hell, you spend too much time in the ocean analyzing and not enough time on the beach partying and playing beach ball and shit.

    Undertow's a motherfucker
  9. I'm the same. i feel really down when sober. once i blaze i feel like divinity for observing/understanding/thinking more than those around me

    how old are you? if ur in college what u studying man
  10. you people seem like you are purposely separating yourselves from others. you say "oh, I think different than other people and often times think to deeply about situations and what-not. blah blah blah"

    ...ummm..... if you can accept yourself, then thats all that matters. you're thoughts are the only thoughts you are ever going to directly experience. learn who you are. accept it and be happy. IT IS WHO YOU ARE. everybody is different. not one person is the same as somebody else. They may try to act like it and this often times makes them appear fake or like they are putting on a front, but you just have to accept that too because, that front that they are putting on is who they are (at least for the time being).

    so get over your self-pity. take the point of view that you are completely normal and other people are different from you. you are not different from them.

    this thread made me sad. reminded me of my early high school years.
  11. People come in all shapes and forms, learn to accept every one of them.

  12. Me?
    I'm 22, I don't go to college
    I might, just because I have no other options aside from general labor in the way of making money
    I'd rather do something awesome and not boring/institutional
    but yeah

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