If I were a Land Lord..

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TheMHC, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. If I was a landlord and I knew someone was growing or smoking weed in my complex.. I wouldn't have them arrested. I would go into there house when there not home and take free bud!

    (P.s I know stealing is bad)

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  2. Your land. Your not stealing haha.

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    Sooo...'round your parts, landlords don't have to give notice before they enter the premises?
    'Round here, that would be breaking an entering, as well as theft...
    Not worth going to jail for some free bud...
  4. Well I mean if you're only taking an illegal substance do you think the person at home would call the cops? Haha. But still I'd leave a note or something. "Hey barrowed some bud hope that's cool"

    Idk if I would take someone else's bud though. Maybe you should ask them first to try and match them and smoke more.

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  5. If you are the landlord and you do that shit, you have a shirtless fat cheeseburger eating mafucka named Randy for a girlfriend. Mods....Mr. Lahey is back trying to start shit with the boys again! Lol..

    Shit, I'd just hit them up for some Bud and maybe teach them how to tire into the neighbors electric to help cut some costs. And help them grow. That's how you treat people Mr. Lahey!
  6. I would rather have a legal notice than someone going through my shit when im not home.
  7. If you're stealing weed from your tenants you can burn in hell you fucking thief I hope they tell the police that there's tvs missing computers money jewellery so you can go to jail
  8. I wouldn't go as far as stealing but I think i'd be pretty chill with it. I'd tell them to give me some bud instead of paying rent or something :p
  9. I'd be like, we have had some complaints from neighbors about a strong odor of marijuana plants coming from your apartment. Unfortunately cops will be attracted to that smell like bees drawn to honey. So if you give me an ounce a month, I will help you get the smell under control and you can continue to grow her problem free. Peace and love

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    Fuck that, wire in about 12,000 watts of lights in an un-rented unit and make some real money in that bitch.
  11. I would just ask them if they wanna get high
  12. I'd ask them to hook it up.. no need to be a douche about it..unless they say no haha..

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