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If I was to die

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Right now you are sitting on death row, the day before you are to die. You are woken in the early morning hours by the guard banging on your cell with his nightstick.

    "You have a visitor"

    A man nicely dressed sits on a chair placed by the guards and sets his briefcase next to him.

    "You have already chosen your last meal. Now it is time for you to decide how you will die"

    How do you respond?
  2. Oxy overdose. ...because itd be the ultimate high before it killed me.
  3. I'd ask to be a guinea pig for any new drugs that aren't on the black market yet.
  4. Naturally :D
  5. pain killer/benzo OD would prolly be nice

    i wouldnt care tho as long as its mostly painless

    the electric chair would be scary as fuck tho, they should still do that
  6. Bullet to the brain.
  7. Marijuana overdose. :smoking:

    "No seriously, I'm almost dead, just gimme a few more pot brownies..."
  8. by taking a guards gun and shooting everyone
  9. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.
  10. Next days paper: "Inmate dies of chocolate overdose"

  11. For fucks sake, what's with all these "what would you do, say, eat, etc. before you die" threads?

    And uhhh, MDMA overdose? I'd die of joy. Wouldn't want it to be weed because then the media would be all over it and that'd be a step back for legalization. If not MDMA then Heroin I guess since I won't have to worry about the addiction (never done it, it'd be my first and last time).
  12. dropped from a very very high building. If not available then i'll take the firing squad....of a bunch of dudes w/ .50 cal guns. Definately painless
  13. i'd do this too. might as well fuck people up before you die. lulz
  14. Smoke a break-through dose of DMT and when im in another dimension, they'll shoot me in the head. Then out into the great beyond after that
  15. drown me in my bong water

  16. Haha taking the phrase "death by chocolate" to a whole other level. Sounds like a delicious death to me :confused_2: lol
  17. I'd want to od on a drug cocktail. I figure since I'm going to be dying I might as well try heroin and crack.
    I've already decided that if I make it to age 85 that's when I'll pick up my heroin habit. Might as well!
  18. hang myself from a willow tree after carving a poem into the bark, like Misao Fujimura
  19. ^ not very original, then.

    I'd have to go with MDMA as well. But I'd like to be strapped to something heavy and thrown in the water, and OD underwater. I've been swimming on molly before, and it was pretty intense. So maybe it'll have a similar effect?

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