if i was hella creepy..

Discussion in 'General' started by Foreign Apples, May 9, 2011.

  1. ..i would target a person on here and find out everything about them by reading all the shit they post. lol seriously. i would know that person pretty fucking well and they wouldn't know me at all.

    ha ha
  2. Hey, don't we all do it?

    *creepy smile*
  3. yea well i'm still not a triangle, shannon
  4. You should be nicer to your grandmother when you're sick.
  5. I like being creepy. Getting reactions from people is awesome.
  6. I watch goopus and weed thins make love.
  7. I hope someone does that to someone with 10,000+ posts.

    I like being creepy by blatantly staring at girl's asses, what do they expect though with those tight yoga pants and shirts that end at their belly button....
  8. I stalk all the wrong people.
  9. ive stalked on this site and i can hardly name the number of things i have witnessed:
    -bits of jelousy and spite
    - spankings of the elderly

    also good things:
    -hugs and kisses
    -ass slaps
    - food fights
  10. Judging by the lack of effort they put into their clothing, that tells me two things. One she's single, two she's gonna go to the dining center and graze with the rest of her friends.
  11. graze with the rest of the cows in a green open field. then she will get milked because she is a cow that has been nicely treated. that milk will be sold - pure and silky. People will love her because they have always wanted milk like that.
  12. *vomits*
  13. aww shit mah bad about the cow thing
  14. Please fill me in.
  15. Ahhh ForeignApples, I know you all too well from here.
  16. people murdered each other via the internet using their words and transmitting their murderous energy to defeat each other
  17. I just think its a bit creepy how you would think about what you WOULD do if you were a creeper. :bolt:
  18. you know nothing mister !

  19. why do you not think of that??
    lol do u wana hear my reverse stalking theory/technique?? :)

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