if i was george bush...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by dangle, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. id make you give me one good reason why obama should be president or else i'd legalize heroin but not weed. that would teach people not to vote democrat.

    heh heh little would they know their vote doesn't matter anyway haha.

    but seriously im a little high. why does everyone talk about marijuana being legal when heroin isn't either?
  2. ...you must be pretty fuckin baked right now..
  3. yeah not gonna lie
  4. George Bush is a has-been who never was.
  5. i remember when people were riding his dick lol. you're telling me those days are over?

  6. Yeah, he's gone. Now only if Cheney would follow suite...
  7. The only one riding Bush's dick is Cheney.
  8. i thought obama was the new president. at least palin didn't win. she came to colorado once during the campaign. haha i poured beer down on the crowd from my apartment heh... losers.
  9. Are you one of those people from Harlem who were interviewed by the Howard Stern show just before the election?
  10. I'm down for heroin being legal. We need more population control up in this planet of ours.
  11. dude i think your joking but thats fucked up.

    not that i know of. why? do they have strong opinions they voice in contrast to people who mutter behind other peoples' backs?
  12. no, I'm not. you know what's fucked up? overgrazing and overfarming that causes erosion and species loss and then it's even harder to provide food for an ever growing population. Do you have any better ideas? ...Obviously there are many ways to help stop population growth, but I think legalizing heroin would contribute to controlling the growing population of homosapiens.
  13. In places where heroin is legal-or at least users aren't subject to the same penalities as here-deaths by overdose did not go up. So no luck on wiping out excess population with heroin. We have tobacco for that.:rolleyes:

  14. ya, you might be right. I'm not exactly sure what would happen. less hiv spread through iv use, I guess. it would be less expensive, though.
  15. dude, theredhead probabaly has a slightly higher iq than you, no offense. either that or hes a law student.

    but if you're a law student, why are you on a weed forum?
  16. dangle- I wasn't even arguing with him. I was responding to your "are you joking. that's fucked up post." Apparently he's looked at real statistics and I haven't. I assume he's talking about amsterdam, and maybe some other places in europe, or in asia where they grow poppies?

    anyway. I think all drugs should be legalized. that would make things REAL interesting. lol
  17. I'm going to become a medical pot user shortly and I'm trying to find out more about the culture, different strains, ways of consuming besides smoking...all that stuff you can't go look up in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  18. all drugs? even steroids and oxycontin? do you know how many addicts there are? even to weed there are some addicts.

    dude, for real. if i didn't get hiv i never would have considered smoking marijuana. even though i took acid when i was twelve. there was certainly nothing psychedelic about it for me, thats for sure.

  19. Too bad you were born in the wrong time period, you would have liked when this and cannabis were legal.
  20. [quote name='dangle']all drugs? even steroids and oxycontin? do you know how many addicts there are? even to weed there are some addicts.


    lol ya. that'd make things real fucked up and interesting. imagine a bunch of late stage tweakers everywhere. .....I really don't like them(montana has scarred me), but hell, sure. I think it would be an interesting experiment. you mentioned oc becaus long term use makes you go deaf, right? because you said heroin should be legal, and they're pretty similar chemicals.
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