If I smoke in my room, will it be easy to detect throughout the house?

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  1. PLEASE READ THIS. I wanna give some details, specific to my situation, because they're different than most other peoples'. I live on the second floor of my house, and the entire second floor consists of two parts; a small living room type area and a bedroom. So the entire floor is considered "my room". The living room is between the staircase and bedroom, so there's a decent amount of space between my bed (where I wanna smoke) and the staircase, and then the door is at the bottom of the stairs. Basically the smell would have a long way to travel if I smoked in my bedroom. There is not a door between the bedroom and the living room, just one at the bottom of the stairs. My room is also ventilated, and there are two windows in the bedroom area. So if I covered the crack of my door (which always remains closed) with a towel, kept both windows open, smoked with a bowl and blew the smoke out of one with a doob tube, and maybe taped some paper or something over the ventilation, do you think the smell would carry throughout the rest of my house? Also, the weed is upper-middle quality, not sure what strain, if that makes a difference.
  2. I don't think but it's possible if someone come into your room they can easily detect.
  3. Think your good but honestly if it stresses u out just roll a blunt and go smoke outdoors.
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  4. Get a fan to pull any smoke out the window, and burn some of those smells good oils in your room.

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  5. Well that's the easy solution, but it's not like me to just go hang out outside, my parents would get suspicious. Usually I just wait till they're gonna be out for a while and smoke in my car, but I kinda wanna be able to smoke while they're home because they don't leave the house while I'm home terribly often, so I rarely ever get to smoke. I guess it's kinda nice though because it keeps my tolerence pretty low, so it barely takes any weed for me to get blasted
  6. Lol I was in your position when I was younger... knowing what I know now, I'd probably not smoke while I lived in their house if they weren't ok with it. ( and they weren't ). I'd use it as motivation to get out.

    I don't have many rules in my home, but I hate it when people who are in my house don't respect my house lol :)

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  7. Don't do it.
  8. Over all, I'd listen to the last two users and play it safe.

    Make it motivation to go do something outside like Blaze said.

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  9. I smoke in my room sometimes, and as long as you close your door and put something under your door virtually no smell will escape. It's when you open the door is when the weed smell leaves your room.
  10. Or you could get a vape. Blow it out the window

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  11. I used a one hitter and a sploof last year in my dorm, and there was almost no smell at all. I just cracked the window open a bit (I didn't even blow the smoke out the window). Just buy a pack of dryer sheets (or steal em from your roommate like I did, but anyway they're like $3 for 150), put it in a water bottle/paper towel roll, and you're good to go. Just make sure the window's air flow is going outside, not inside. Hold a lighter up to the window to check.
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  12. Well my family is pretty big on privacy so I just got a lock and key for my door and I always have it locked. Usually when I smoke I turn on a little fan and face it out of the window. I put a couple shirts or a towel under my door and it works great. My mom smokes too so maybe she thinks it's her and not my room but my sisters haven't said anything. So I'd just get a fan, a lock, and blow it out of the window.
  13. Mate look for a product called smoke buddy you'll have no problems

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  14. Use a one hit bowl or a one hit slide And have a 1-½ to 3' of hose and tape,

    Open window, put the hose out. And close tight onto the hose then use the tape to close the gap. Take the hit then exhale through the hose, hold your mouth over it while inhaling through your nose. Then exhale to clear the rest of the smoke in the hose.

    It works but have to make sure nothing escapes
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  15. I live in a similar situation, if you keep the windows open and spray some air freshener you should be fine, then again the people I live with don't mind weed.

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  16. Lots of great ideas!

    Here's what I always did and never got caught.
    1) always smoke single hits. Load just enough ganja to fill your lungs. So that all that is left is ash just as your lungs are full. Partialy burnt bowls stink bad as do shouldering bowls. They can't stink if they don't exist.

    2) only open the window a crack, just large enough to fit a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll. Then use the tube to exhale your hit out the window. This stops blow back and allows you to focus and channel the power of your breath into a smaller, more confined space. That allows the hit to go far out side the window with no blow back.

    3) jam a few dryer sheets in that tube so when you exhale, the hit you took is cleaned up a bit. It won't smell nearly as bad if at all. Don't put to many dryer sheets in the tube because you still want the hit to blast out the crack in the window.

    4) keep all of your paraphernalia in something air tight that's easily cleaned or replaced. Glass mason jars of various sizes with air tight screw on lids rock for this purpose, as do zip lock baggies. You could even put the mason jars in the zip lock baggy. Just be sure to clean the mason jar every week or so unles your holding your stash in it and replace the ziplock baggy at the same time. Don't want somethi dirty contaminating something clean right?

    5) keep your room piece for just the purpose, to smoke in your room. Keep it clean as well. A clean piece doesn't stink. A glass piece is easy to clean by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol in a mason jar. Just soak over night, rinse with warm water and dry. You're ready to blaze! Remember to keep the alcohol in the jar because it's reusable over and over again, bonus!!!

    6) use insense often, more so when you're not smoking in your room. Insense works great to cover the smell but only when you use it all the time. Also you have to take into consideration that insense is on every anti-stoner list on the net. So to make it work you have to use it correctly, that being all the time and more so whthan n your not even smoking in your room.

    7) have a great hiding spot both inside the house and out. Once again mason jars work great. They are air and water tight and hold up against the elements perfectly. Inside a computer desktop case is a great place as is most electronics like a stereo for example that have room you can take advantage of. A hand full of cheap books can be turned into great hiding spots and stash boxes. Just remember to put whatever is going in that stash box I to a ziplock baggy first.

    Those should keep you relatively safe broski, good luck! :metal:
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  17. Reminds me of my sophomore and junior year of high school... as much as it sucked, I kinda miss it. Now the freedom of being able to smoke whenever/wherever is great, but I kinda liked having to be super sneaky and shit :smoking: I'm on a T break til 4/20 so now I just take a hit or two off my one hitter at night :(
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  18. Just blow into your pillow and only take single hoots thats how i used to get down when I was a kid

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
  19. Man. Lol I just feel like, if someone has to go through all that to be a cannabis user, maybe they shouldn't be one! Hahaa

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  20. look up a smoke buddy and make sure the towel under your door is wet

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