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if i smoke at my window with a towel at the door will the smell of weed get through my house?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GenesisBro, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. pretty much im moving out in about 6 months and my mum and dad go to the gym for about 3 hours so if sit at my window with a gravity bong (i fucking love gravity bongs) will they find out ive been smoking weed? They are 100% against weed because they tell me shit like it kills people (LOL) and ive been smoking joints but i started a gravity bong at my friends house and i loved it. any tips to not get caught? 

  2. Yeah man you should be good, I used to light up candles way back before my roommate started smoking, you should make a sploof if you're really that worried about it

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  3. I always used to light up in the bathroom, with an open window, and a towel under the door. After I was done, I would spray body spray everywhere, and leave the bathroom door closed, and the window open. Then, when I started to sober up, I'd just take a shower, and there'd be no smell whatsoever, by the time I was done.
  4. Yeah dude definitely. I'd even go a little further and make a sploof. It's just an empty toilet paper roll (the cardboard tube) with a piece of tape or two to act as a barrier at one end, and stuff it full of drier sheets. Just take a hit and blow all the smoke through the drier sheets. You wouldn't even have to be at your window using the sploof. I've sparked up in my living room with my mom asleep in her room with her door 15 feet from me.
  5. Or if you're too lazy to make a Sploof, I believe you can buy little sticks that you blow in and it completely changes the smell as seen on Never tried it though. Couldn't tell you if it really works.
  6. Here's how I smoke with a dad who has a nose greater than a Labrador retriever.
    1. Grind weed
    2. Pack enough in a bowl for a single hit
    3. Inhale the whole bowl
    4. Excel out of a crack in the window
    -For maximum effect, use a sploof


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