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If I Smoke After Studying Will I Forget What I Studied?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sewage, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. I just spent two hours studying and I feel like smoking and going to sleep. If I smoke after studying will it be harder to recall information on the test tomorrow?

  2. If I study after I tok will I forget what I smoked?
  3. In my experience no, go for it, just don't get stoned to the point you green out and get a decent amount of sleep.
  4. Nah I only forget shit I learned while I was high... but then when I get high it all comes back. State dependent memory baby.
  5. Yeah bro, you should definitely be fine. 
  6. no you wont but if you learn when high, your alter ego when high, will learn this and the normal you will not remember but if you toke up again you will remember, same as doing somthing when drunk doing somthing and then not remembering sober, its called the max vanshelm mecherverant aburger theory and its 100% plauasible
  7. I usually study for an hour and take a 15 minute break to do half a bowl/get a snack. Study for another hour then do the other half. If I have an exam the next day I sometimes do a bowl like 15-30 minutes before, works like a charm.   
  8. I have a problem concentrating, but the memory seems... About as healthy as it could be after smoking so much
  9. Hehe, you should know better than anyone else. You are yourself and everyone reacts differently. For me it has helped me study better, and even made the work seem more worth wild. In the end I got grades similar to when I was sober. 
  10. You never forget anything when your stoned. It's not like being drunk. Unless a homie got keyed as fuck and was tripping out, I'd doubt you'll forget what you learned.
  11. Haha OKAY 
  12. Study highTake test highGet high scores! Sent from the trich filled forest in my basement.
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    It really depends, cause you brain can naturally recall things faster in the same situation and in this case state of mind.
    So if you study sober, then go to the test sober. You can smoke in between, but it can have effect on what you have learned earlier that day, especially if you smoke right after you've studied.
    Imo it can help you, but this is only if you are experienced and are able to control the high and be familiar with it.
    But new smokers or unexperiend smokers are usually controlled by the high instead. Leaving them confused for a longer time, and also forgetful.
  14. i study high all the time go for it
  15. Haven't you ever seen How High? ;) Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. great question. based off of about everyday of my life for the past 3 years i would say no you wont forget it just because you smoked

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